EFT Level 1 with Vitality Living College Facilitator Neela Gohil

EFT Level 1 with Vitality Living College Facilitator Neela Gohil


  • EFT Level 1 Training - Rs 1000 deposit to secure early bird of Rs 6000

    Rs 1000 deposit. Full price Rs 6000. Balance due Rs 5000

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About The Event

EFT Foundations for well-being and relaxation

Easy to learn and effective to use

One day EFT Level 1 Training 

  • Become certified to use EFT on yourself, friends and family 
  • During the introduction we will teach how EFT can be used lower stress, release negative memories, shift emotions, eliminate physical pain/tension and reduce cravings
  • It is also used by medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, hypno-therapists, counsellors and coaches
  • Our Level 1 Introduction to EFT training is highly interactive with time for live demonstrations, practice sessions and questions 

Our course curriculum includes:

  • How to use EFT as a self-help tool and with friends and family
  • Origins and background of EFT
  • The full EFT tapping sequence as developed by founder Gary Craig
  • Shorter tapping sequence
  • How healing our emotions is connected to increasing health
  • EFT for stress relief and anxiety
  • How to eliminate physical pain
  • EFT for negative events and memories (Tell the story)
  • Tapping away dis-empowering emotions
  • Harmonising negative emotions and how to shift energy within the body
  • EFT for cravings, for example food cravings, work addictions (!), unhealthy habits
  • EFT as part of a daily routine (Personal peace procedure)
  • A 60 page manual with background information

 The training if for anyone who wants to:

  • Use EFT as part of a personal development program to improve health, wellbeing and emotional balance
  • Learn the foundations of EFT and to be able to train in the EFT Level 2 and become a Practitioner
  • Include EFT in your private practice that already offers other treatments and therapies
  • Combine EFT with your medical profession, e.g doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists

Contribution: Rs 7500

Early bird: Rs 6000

To secure your Early bird pay a deposit of Rs 1000

Includes FREE membership of Vitality Living College facebook support group, FREE invitation to on-going EFT momentum groups and ability to attend additional EFT TRAINING with Vitality Living College becoming a PRACTITIONER and even trainer. 

Vitality Living College is a leader in the area of personal, emotional and spiritual development courses accrediting practitioners and trainers in EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, Breakthrough coaching, The Journey and Matrix Reimrprinting. To date over 2000 people have completed training from UK, US, India & Europe.

Download your FREE booklet and more information on Training courses http://www.vitality-living.com/EFTIndia.html

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