Book Online Tickets for Effective Situational Analysis & Problem, Chennai. Workshop / Program Objective:

Identifying The Steps Involved In Problem Solving
Applying Divergent and Convergent Thinking Tools
Putting Into Use Creative Problem Solving Guidelines
Learning Osborn-Parnes Framework For Creative Problem Solving

Effective Situational Analysis & Problem Solving


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About The Event

Workshop / Program Objective:

  1. Identifying The Steps Involved In Problem Solving
  2. Applying Divergent and Convergent Thinking Tools
  3. Putting Into Use Creative Problem Solving Guidelines
  4. Learning Osborn-Parnes Framework For Creative Problem Solving
  5. Practicing Brainstorming & Idea Finding Techniques
  6. Finding Solutions By Effectively Balancing Logic & Creativity
  7. Analyzing Feasibility & Impact Analysis For Idea Acceptance
  8. Planning Next Steps For Idea Development & Implementation


Workshop Content Coverage – Outline Of Topics [2 Days]:


1. Situational Analysis & Problem Solving – Four Steps Framework:


Clarification, Ideation, Development & Implementation


2. Creative Problem Solving [CPS]:


Divergent & Convergent Thinking – Guidelines & Tools; Different Roles In CPS: Client, Facilitator & Resource Group; Brainstorming Framework & Effective Statement Starters: Imagine The Future, Find The Questions & Plan For Action.


3. Creative Problem Solving [CPS] Framework By Osborn-Parnes:


Objective Finding,Fact Finding, Problem Finding, Idea Finding, Solution Finding & Acceptance Finding


4. Exploring Challenges & Problem Perspectives:


IdentifyingThe Challenge – Abstracting The Challenge – Expanding TheChallenge Statement – Rephrasing Problem Statements


5. Idea Finding Techniques:


Inverse – Forced Connections –Analogy – SCAMPER


6. Situational Analysis By Logical Vs CreativeProblem Solving [CPS]


7. Balancing Logic & Creativity In ProblemSolving:


Seamlessly Moving From `Black & White’to Out-of-the-Box Thinking


8. Ideation Driven by Everyone’s Attention[IDEA]:


Effective Brainstorming & Idea Generation TemplateFor Creative Problem SolvingWorkshop


Workshop Based Participant Benefits & Take Away:


  • Identify Methodically Actual & Factual Root Causes of Problems
  • Be Focused & Act In a Process-Centric Problem Solving During Crisis Management
  • Make Right & Relevant Decisions During Project Life Cycle Stages Across Strategy andExecution
  • Use Focused Questions to Obtain & Evaluate Facts For Execution Excellence
  • Anticipate & Avoid Potential Problems Based On Risk / Solution Repository
  • Work Seamlessly & Effectively By Gathering Team Participation During Problem Solving
  • Persuade Management, Leadership & Customers / Clients By Effective Fact-BasedPresentations
  • Handle People - Process - Purpose - Project Based Business Problems Objectively


Workshop Audience – Who should attend?

  • General Management Team (Departmental / Functional / Technical / Biz Development /Sales / Project Managers)
  • Operations Management [Across Industries], Production / Delivery Management Team
  • HR, Learning & Development, Education & Training Management Team
  • TQM, Quality & Process Management Teamv PMO (Project Management Office) Personnel
  • Corporate Leadership, Strategy & Program Management Team
  • Shared Services - Legal - Risk - Process - Lean - Six Sigma Team Members
  • Supervisors, Team & Project Leads [Across Industries]


Speaker Profile:

Chandrasekar (CS), Management Consultant, KM-Innovation-Biz Evangelist, MineSpree, India.


“Expert Trainer in All Facets Of Management & Leadership”


  1. Ranker From Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, TamilNadu
  2. Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM™) from The International KM Institute, USA
  3. Business School - Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Solution Selling @ Mercuri Goldmann International
  4. Instructional Methods, Media, and Project Management Strategies Course @ TTTI, Chennai, India
  5. Estimation, Costing, and Proposal Preparation Methodologies for Systems Integration Projects, ERP & `Total Quality Management' Training @ Computer Maintenance Corporation, India
  6. Edward de Bono Thinking Systems®, USA Certified Professional - Corporate Practitioner of `Six Thinking Hats' Methodology
  7. Edward de Bono Thinking Systems®, USA Certified Professional - Corporate Practitioner of `Lateral Thinking' Methodology
  8. Ken Blanchard Companies, USA Management Training & Leadership Development Courses @ Intel Corporation


"In the Corporate India's landscape, Chandrasekar [CS] from Bharathidasan University is one among the first few `Certified Knowledge Managers' from the `International KM Institute' of USA...With 20 years of Industry experience, he is a Management Consultant – KM, Innovation & Biz Evangelist, MineSpree, India, who led the Enterprise Innovation & Knowledge Management Strategic Programs for Fidelity Investments, Intel and Virtusa Corporation across US and India --- to name a few.


His role span cuts across Technology Services, Business Services, Business Analytics & Research influencing the Learning Organization promoting the Competency - Talent - Knowledge - Innovation Continuum. He had successfully championed `Balanced Scorecard' - BSC based Strategic Corporate Change Management Initiatives involving Systems, Processes and Infrastructure to roll out Knowledge Creation, Capture, Organization, Access, Reuse and Ideation Programs."

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