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Top performing organizations are in a constant need to build highly motivated and a self directed bunch of professionals. We at Princeton Academy provide a stack of training solutions that can help these budding professionals build t

Effective Selling Skills Training by Princeton Academy


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Top performing organizations are in a constant need to build highly motivated and a self directed bunch of professionals. We at Princeton Academy provide a stack of training solutions that can help these budding professionals build these competencies.


We achieve this through specific behavioural and functional training interventions. Our training services offer value by helping individuals apply concepts to complex professional situations, hence increasing productivity and efficiencies at work. Our time tested training methodologies are based on the mixed principles of Andragogy & Pedagogy.


Princeton Academy helps individuals align themselves to the organisation’s goals & acquire skills to augment their effectiveness, thus improving bottom lines and enhancing their career.
Our team of trainers is a prominent mix of academicians, industry experts and widely experienced ‘Facilitators who provide our clients with cutting edge services and solutions.


About our Training Programs

Our workshops have helped many executives in overcoming some of their fundamental concern of Selling Skills, Identifying & practicing best professional practices and learning to work in teams to boost the productivity. Participants have appreciated the simplicity and the directness of the program in effectively conveying the message that can be recollected months after the program


Training Methodology

This training program is delivered with the needs of adult learning requirements in mind. As a result the program is highly interactive. Instructor plays the role of learning facilitator and encourages everyone to contribute in the program.
An Appropriate mix of the following techniques and tools may be used:


  • Interactive Lectures, Individual Exercises, Structured Exercises,


Case Study, Role Plays, Video Clipping, Reading Material


  • Mix of above techniques and tools will ensure high level of retention and application on the job.


Objectives / Benefits of the Workshop


  • To verify the importance of sales for individual and organizational development
  • To address the concerns about basic 3 business development terms:


Selling skills; Sales management & Customer Orientation


  • To appreciate the role of sales team in business development process
  • Demonstrate the appropriate selling techniques & cross selling strategies
  • Working with Preparations for Pre & Post customer interaction and support activities
  • Dealing with difficult and other variety of customers
  • Developing sales scripts
  • Working on presentation skills
  • Managing sales figures and sales forecasting
  • Gaining confidence about self, product and company


STEP- Sales Training for Efficient Productivity


Programme Schedule (1 Day)


S. No.



Introduction and Objective Setting / Expectations Introduction, Icebreaker, Ground rules for workshop, Overview of the program, Listing of expected outcomes To set the stage, introduce participants and establish norms and standard Facilitator led presentation, Ice breaker


Understanding elements of typical sales system Various sales approaches (Keeping in view market competition and competitors) To get participants aware of sales basic fundamentals (Pareto principle, SPANCO etc.) Facilitator led discussion and sales video



Moment of Truth (MOT) Dressing, Grooming & Hygiene, Handshake, Presenting visiting cards & other professional etiquette protocols To make them understand that how each & every interaction of customers matters a lot to form impression Facilitator led discussion and video


Day Planning Telephone etiquettes, taking meeting appointments, Maintaining sales kit, geographical division and understanding To identify the process which can be fruitful in making effective and maximum sales attempts in a day Instructor led presentation, Group Discussion


Presentation Skills How to make effective self presentation while interacting with customers + pre interaction preparation How to welcome, meet & greet customers on their visit etc. Instructor led discussion, Video clip + Role play


Language based approach in sales Barriers in sales communication & how to capitalize on using right sales language; Generating need for product through WIIFM effect To identify how language can be a distinguishing factor in winning or losing sales deal; Enquiry generation Instructor led presentation & Group Discussion





Customer Interaction How to start conversation with customers and turning enquiry in to sales Art of small talk, Need assessment, Customer profiling Facilitator led discussion and demo by trainer


Product Demo Product presentation style, Script, FAB and USP How to give effective product presentation to generate sales; Identifying Features, Benefits and Advantages of the product they sell. Facilitator led discussion and demo by trainer and role play by trainer


Sales Negotiation Sales dialogue scripting, Sales call opening, Countering buyer’s tactics; objection handling and Call closure To enable trainees being effective during negotiations and be a good sales person; developing scripts for various conversations Instructor led discussion; Role plays; Video



Sales Closure How to identify buying signals, 5 ways of closing sales call, script for effective and confirmed sale conversions with immediate order To enable trainees to close deals hassle free and let it be a cake walk process for them Instructor led discussion; Role plays


Sale Networking Various networking platforms in automobile industry and ways to utilize them; Designing Business Networking Strategy Effective ways through which trainees can increase their target market and do segmentation; Reference generation model Instructor led discussion; Article reading & discussion; Individual exercise


Conclusion & Action planning Recap in brief; Action plan and feedback forms filling To establish learning of 2 days and planning to turn it in to action Participants’ led discussion and activity


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