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About The Event

Overview: This webinar is about Effective Portfolio Management. The objective is to help insure that you prioritize and select the right project for your strategic objective so you can manage this portfolio with agility and flexibility in order to adapt to "real life" while delivering the results as required. Are you funding the right projects? Is your staff working on the right task? Are you getting maximum value with the investments you have? Effective Portfolio Management is about getting the highest value of your investments while delivering the best value in accordance with the vision, principles and organization priorities. 

What is portfolio management?
Portfolio Management is the art and science of making decisions about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance. Portfolio management is all about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the choice and management of projects. The end objective is to maximize return on investment (qualitative and quantitative) at a given level of risk. An IT Project Portfolio is a collection of IT projects, both proposed and in progress which include some deployed systems (already in production) within your organization. Effective Portfolio Management addresses the decision process, in order to show how it is possible to minimize the risks and how to focus on the right project that addresses the right priorities of the organization Your IT portfolio should be a diversified mix of high risk/high reward and low risk/low reward elements. Just like a personal investment portfolio, you should look at it in terms of return on investment and addressing the right objectives. 

Portfolio creation:
  • How and where to start?
  • How to do a Yearly Planning?
  • How to select projects according to vision and business priorities?
  • Why you should develop project filtering and ranking criteria?
  • How to insure that projects will address real business needs and priorities?
  • How to prepare requirements in order to get project proposals?
  • How to request for an internal project proposal?
  • How to work with project managers on preparing a Business Case to present the project in a proposal?
  • How to evaluate the financials?
  • How to evaluate the project proposed and provide an independent opinion?

Portfolio Management:
  • How to continuously monitor the results and take the appropriate action.
  • How to manage change without impacting the project.
  • How to adapt the portfolio to the needs without changing all the time. How to put in place the right level of management required for a specific project size and importance.

How to avoid an "unhealthy" portfolio like these:
  • Projects undertaken are not aligned with the organization strategic direction.
  • Decisions are based on uncertain, evolving, conflicting and incomplete information without having first built contingency or analyzed the risks.
  • Project Portfolio is generally developed on uncertain and changing information; however there is a way to improve the decision making and to plan for success.

Why should you attend: You should attend this Webinar if you are a manager, a project manager or an IT internal client; if you are currently managing a project or you are managing the money invested in a project and you would like to improve your portfolio decision process and also improve the return made on investments (time, money and resources invested in projects).

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Why do organizations need Portfolio Management?
  • How to improve your Portfolio Management?
  • How to create a Portfolio - minded culture?
  • How to select and implement appropriate Tools and Practices?
  • Overview of the process of:
    • Yearly Planning
    • Portfolio monitoring and adjustment
  • Some examples and best practices

Who Will Benefit:
  • Business Manager
  • Project Managers
  • IT Directors
  • Project Sponsors
  • IT Executives

Speaker Profile: Fabienne Fayad

has over 25 years of experience in the field of IT, including 18 years in management consulting and project management. She possesses degrees both in engineering and in executive management. Over the years, she has gained experience at many international consulting firms: CGI, Deloitte, LGS/IBM, and Systemhouse. Today, Fabienne Fayad is a partner at EDGN CONSULTANTS INC., offering strategic consulting services and training. 

Over the course of her career, she has successfully led and delivered several major strategic projects in various business areas: financial sector, manufacturing and government. She also possesses experience in managing budgets and human resources. Moreover, she co-founded two companies and currently is a member of several boards and professional association.

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