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About The Event




EEMA invites the industry’s best and most influential to convene at its 8th annual summit in Delhi: EEMAGINE 2015 … India Inspired!

Is the opportunity the billion or do we have a billion opportunities?

Opening doors to new ideas, new beliefs India has always embraced the world like no other. The persecuted sought refuge, the seekers of knowledge crossed many worlds. Great ideas, like rivers, have flown into this vast ocean of wisdom. From Aryabhatta to Buddha, from AmartyaSen to Narayan Murthy, Indian minds and thoughts have inspired generations.

We gave birth to Zero, now our IT wizards redefine infinity.

Yoga and meditation gave us enlightenment; now yoga connects the old with the new. At the same time connects India and the world. We now also have an International Yoga Day.

The digital opportunity has redefined households across the landscape. Technocrats have turned billionaires as technology and its developers are welcomed into the fold of the world’s new elite.

As the Western world gets older, India gets younger. With more than 60% younger than 25 our youth are a power to be unleashed. The demographic dividend finally could be to our benefit.

Events inspire nations. China defined itself with the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics.

India arrived on the world stage when it agreed to host the Commonwealth Games. We believed in ourselves the day the Opening ceremony of these Games left us overwhelmed.

In 2002, AshutoshGowarikar and Aamir Khan won a nomination. In 2008, AR Rahman won an Oscar and two Grammies! Now every other day an Indian is knocking on the doors, pushing the barriers, inching forward on the global stage. Nothing is beyond our reach.

SatyaNadella heads Microsoft. IndraNooyi leads Pepsico. ShantanuNarayen drives Adobe Worldwide. In every sphere, India and Indians had already made their mark on the US stage. We believed this when Prime Minister Modi held centre stage in Madison Square Gardens.

Events make it real and undeniable. Events inspire belief. Events inspire faith in one’s self.

Entrepreneurs are turning their dreams into business opportunities. Passions are becoming enterprises.

Entrepreneurs are being born in every walk of life. Journalists as television czars, traders as industrial magnates, stock brokers as bankers, scriptwriters as film studio leaders. And event managers have blazed a trail that has knocked down all entry barriers.

The IPL became the richest sports tournament in the world…overnight. With no eyes on the speedometer, before the blink of an eye, multiple sports leagues have emerged.

Our soft power is being given identity. Obama quotes from our films and recognizes the power of Indian cinema.

India gets ready to take its rightful place on the world stage. The world awaits in anticipation the emergence of the new superpower. Anticipation comes from fear, appreciation comes from respect for other’s success and we hear applause resounding in the hope of partnership. Hope conjures imagination.

Climbing up reminds us of how we chased the moon with Chandrayaan and didn’t stop there. We went beyond with Mangalayaan and became the first nation to reach Mars on our first attempt.

Nothing is impossible in India…here you can go as far as your inspiration can carry you. If a tea seller can become a Prime Minister and a birthday party organizers can become Asia’s leading event management company – everything is possible.

In India’s progress the world sees opportunity.

India is inspired. India inspires.

India inspires opportunity, just as in opportunity we invite the world to see inspiration.

Welcome to India Inspired.

Welcome to EEMAGINE 2015, a convention that will bring together India and the world to connect over the emerging opportunities in media, experiential marketing, entertainment and sports.


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