EEMAGINE 2013 - 6th annual convention of Event and entertainment Management Association

EEMAGINE 2013 - 6th annual convention of Event and entertainment Management Association


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EEMAGINE 2013, the annual convention of Event & entertainment Management Association (EEMA), is all set to take place from Sept. 5 to 7 at Fairmont hotel in Jaipur. The details of the convention were finalized at the recently held National Executive Meeting of EEMA on March 15 in Delhi. The convention will have the support of international tourism boards this year.

EEMAGINE 2013 will have a number of different modules including a B2B exhibition, the EEMAX awards, and a convention, along with evening galas and after-parties to add a fun element to it. Commenting on how the convention will be better this year, Brian Tellis, President, EEMA said: “The better elements are going to be the exotic venues that Jaipur has to offer. Traditionally we have been bound to places like Delhi, Bombay, Goa etc. where we have not had any heritage value adding to the venues. But here because it’s Jaipur, we’re going to be exploring the sand dunes, the palaces, and so the venues are going to be new in terms of their freshness.”
The convention will see a few but highly impacting power packed sessions by some acclaimed international and Indian speakers. The B2B exhibition will serve as a platform for anyone who wants to communicate their offerings to the event management industry such as tourism boards, venues, supply chain etc. As for the evening galas, considerations are being made to hold them at historical venues like Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, City Palace, Samode etc. with some innovative performances.
EEMAGINE is open to members and non members of EEMA, including aspiring agencies and any other interested parties. The registrations will start from April this year.
Shedding some light on what attendees can expect from the convention this year, Tellis said: “This year things are going to be very tight. We’re not going to have too many speakers, but the speakers that we do go ahead with are going to add value to the members. So it’s not that we’re going to give them two days of repeated back to back ‘gyaan’. We’re going to be giving them focused ‘gyaan’ with high level speakers, which is going to add value to the way they conduct their business, and the way they conduct their lives.”

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