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About The Event

 EDEX-2017 will be the biggest show to date witnessed by the state and will be the biggest congregation of the region's schools, universities, deans and administrators who are looking for new technology and concepts that would empower them to transform the learning and curriculum transactions and to meet the demands of the education fraternity. Since years we have developed into the regions only native digital education event. We have set the stage for the world's leading think tank in education stratagem and technology in India. We have helped Thousands of schools and colleges recognize their true potential and inspire them to transform their curriculums and learning environments through the application of technology innovation. In 2017 we have responded to the needs of the region's school and universities, deans and administrators and have heeded to their challenges and comprehending their bigger market opportunities. We have crafted the crucial conference and exhibition where new designs are debated, fresh ideas are formed, new partnerships are built and while the schools and colleges are transformed for tomorrow's smart citizens.

Terms & Conditions

EDEX-2017 Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation of the event by EDEX-2017 and it’s Owners, the foregoing contract shall be unreservedly cancelled, the total amount already paid by the Client being refunded to him, without him being able to claim any compensation.

In case of cancellation of the event by EDEX-2017 and it’s Owners for reasons of force majeure or because of a fact due to a third party which cannot be attributable to EDEX-2017 another event shall be organized, which must take place within twelve months after the cancelled one, at the venue, conditions and modalities chosen by EDEX-2017 and it’s Owners. In this case, no refunding shall be made by EDEX-2017 and it’s Owners and he shall not be sued for liability. The Client shall pay the total amount for the contracted event.

If the Client cancels the agreement, he shall be required to pay to EDEX-2017 the total amount, as it is defined in the foregoing contract.

In the event that EDEX-2017 and its Owners decides to postpone an event, client payments at the postponement date will be credited towards the rescheduled date. If the client is unable to attend the rescheduled event, the client will receive a 100% credit representing payments made towards a future EDEX-2017 and it’s Owners event.

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