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Date: 18 April, 2014Venue: IRIS, The Business Hotel, Brigade Road, Bangalore

As a business leader you want to improve staff morale, reduce s

Enhancing Communication for Peak Performance


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About The Event



Date: 18 April, 2014
Venue: IRIS, The Business Hotel, Brigade Road, Bangalore

As a business leader you want to improve staff morale, reduce sick days, make more sales, create more ‘stars’ and future leaders from within your company.

You may be a CEO, Managing Director, HR Manager, Senior Manager, Team Leader or Business Professional. Or you may just want to improve your own communication skills to do your job better.

The area where many business leaders encounter problems is communicating their ideas and vision to others.

Dr. Robert Bolton reports a study in which it was found that 80% of people, who fail professionally, do so not because they aren't competent technically, but rather because they do not relate well with other people.

The one day Enhancing Communication for Peak performance will help you understand, motivate and inspire others by communicating in ways that fit with them.

A recent survey from Gartner shows that business leaders consider employee motivation and engagement, one of the top threats to corporate success, alongside talent shortage. So its important for you to retain and develop your key people.

Great leaders engage others with the values, ethos and vision of their company. They know how to leverage the value of their clients, develop their next generation of leaders and help people achieve the results they are capable of.

Their teams trust them and are comfortable to communicate openly and honestly.

This is only possible when people feel supported, valued and understood.

It’s impossible to cover everything about communication in only one day however what you will learn and experience during this training will propel you into developing peak performance in yourself and others


Enhancing Communicating For Peak Performance helps you further develop your communication skills to help you:

  • See things from the perspective of others
  • Understand how what people think and feel impacts on actions and results
  • Create a Peak Performance 'state'
  • Learn why rapport with others is vital
  • Reduce misunderstandings
  • Retrieve information that people delete, distort and generalise
  • Clarify roadblocks and obstacles quickly
  • Get team members unstuck

You will leave this seminar with at least three instantly actionable techniques that will enhance your communication skills and help you and those you work with move quickly towards peak performance.



  • Intention - Attention - Results
  • Internal And External Worlds
  • Our Map Of The World
  • Seeing From The Perspective Of Others
  • The Behaviour Equation
  • Brain Solutions
  • Creating Your State
  • How Your State Affects Others
  • Creating Rapport
  • The Process Of Communication
  • Retrieving Missing Information
  • Where Is The Problem




Fiona Campbell is an internationally licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming Business trainer. She has created the Enhancing Communication for Peak Performance One-Day Seminar to introduce the use of NLP skills in the workplace to enhance communication to achieve peak performance.

She has been delivering leadership training for over twenty years and comes from a corporate sales background working within large organisations such as Xerox Emirates in Dubai and Yell in the UK.

Fiona works with the principle that everyone has the resources within them to achieve peak performance and it is the job of a business leader to help the people they lead identify and use these resources


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