Setting Up Your Ecommerce Business From Scratch

Setting Up Your Ecommerce Business From Scratch


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  • Do you often see things that are missing but others don't see?
    Do you see how a certain job could be done better?
    Do you see how a certain task could be accomplished quicker?
    Do you relish the opportunity to save lots of money ?

Every one of us have ideas that could be turned into successful businesses. Some of these ideas have real merit. Some of them would develop into great businesses with the right kind of mentorship or partnership. Some ideas we could develop if we received funding. And maybe you are wondering how you could turn your ideas into a million dollar Ecommerce Venture.

That is the mark of a great entrepreneur.

And now, here is YOUR BIG CHANCE.

We are holding an Ecommerce Training Session for everyone who has a good idea and wants to explore the possibilities of converting that into a big business. This training session is divided into two days - both on Sundays.

Day 1, we cover how to set up your business from the idea. Its all about idea generation, product sourcing, market validation, ecommerce website, technologies, alternative marketplaces, payment gateways, finding investment, funding, govt. registration, taxes, delivery, customer service and all the stuff you may not be familiar with. We bring in the experts who will give you the item by item description of what needs to be done and who will do it for you and how much each will cost!

Day 2, we actually build your ecommerce website; then we create a campaign for you on facebook and on Google Adwords. Are you interested?

Head over to the Event page at and see more in detail about what is covered, who is teaching it and why you should not let this opportunity pass.

Here's wishing you a successful life - as your own boss!

Deep Janardhanan ( 9769400671)

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