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Ecommerce Dating (EBD) has brought in a new way of meeting your customers along with a Conference for knowledge sharing. Ecommerce Business Dating (EBD) event is a revolution in the E-commerce industry.

Ecommerce Business Dating (EBD)


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About The Event

Ecommerce Business Dating (EBD)‏

Ecommerce Dating (EBD) has brought in a new way of meeting your customers along with a Conference for knowledge sharing. Ecommerce Business Dating (EBD) event is a revolution in the E-commerce industry. Apart from a conference and people talking about their experience and challenges of E-commerce, here you will be also interacting with your target business audience. It is a BUSINESS MEETING EVENT + CONFERENCE. Under one roof, you will be meeting 200+ different E-commerce Service Providers / E-tailing / Market Places / E-business organisations on a one to one basis. Imagine the kind of time and money you will spend doing it on your own. Based on response, we expect around 3000 Business Visitors in this event.

How to grow your Business with EBD? Benefits under one roof
  • One to One meeting with potential business customers.
  • Fast and multiple business interactions.
  • Branding and visibility with networking.
  • Huge cost saving on sales and marketing.
  • Cross fertilization and opportunity for alliances with other organizations.
Ecommerce Business Dating Profile
  • Ecommerce / M- Commerce services providers
  • E-commerce / M- Commerce services providers
  • E- Tailing
  • E- Businesses
  • E- Commerce Market Place
  • Digital marketing / Technology
  • Payment and Security Technologies
  • Delivery and fulfillment services
  • SaaS / CRM / Database / Managed Solutions
  • Merchants
  • Brick & Mortar / Offline organizations
  • Dealers & Agents
  • Vendors & Suppliers
  • Retailers & Wholesalers
  • Social Media / Gamers
  • Venture Capitalists / Angel Investors
  • CXO's of Organizations
How the Business Dating event happens?
  • Representatives from each organization can meet other organizations
  • Business Meeting Table provided to the participants.
  • Put up a Standy near your Business Meeting Table.
What you can do in this EBD interaction?
  • Give a brief about your organization products and services
  • Talk about your business proposition
  • Hand over your Brochure / Catalog
Delegate / Visitor 
  • You can meet up the Participating organizations at their Business Meeting Table
  • Attend the Conference for the entire day


Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions only for EBD Visitor and Delegate Registration


I agree to have read, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions for participation in the Ecommerce Business Dating (EBD). Bookings once done cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded

We wish to participate in Ecommerce Business Dating (EBD) as a participant. We    acknowledge    explicitly    that we have read and accepted   in   full   the   Terms and conditions for the Event. We hereby confirm that we will abide by the Terms and conditions for Ecommerce Business Dating (EBD) and at the said event and we undertake to be bound and observe and perform such conditions and pay the amount of the event charges. In case of cancellation or withdrawal from participation, the paid amount would be forfeited, without assigning any reason.



The “Participant” shall mean the party to whom confirmation has been given for participating either as a Participant / Visitor / Delegate / in Ecommerce Business Dating (EBD).

“Manual” shall mean the handbook of the organizer containing such regulation as may deem reasonable to the Organizer relating to the Event, the Venue and the Participant’s attendance and conduct at the Event and the “Organizers” shall mean Human Crayon Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

These terms, conditions and guidelines (``Terms``) are applicable to and govern the EBD (Event) organized and conducted by Human Crayon Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (``HCMSPL``).. By confirming your participating in the Event you agree to abide by and be bound by these Terms.

HCMSPL reserves the right to modify these Terms without any prior notification. You are advised to regularly review these Terms. If you do not agree with any of the Terms and any amendments thereto, you are welcome to not use this service.

Event Date

The Event is scheduled to take place on November 29, 2014 at Epicentre, Gurgaon. Any change in the Event schedule shall be updated on the Website. HCMSPL reserves the right to cancel the event without any prior notification. You are requested to view the Website for such updates relating to the Event.

Agreement & Confirmation for Participation:

A binding contract shall come into existence between the Participant and the Organizer on acceptance of the same.


The confirmation for participation will also be subject to receipt of all advance payments along with the necessary details.

No changes to these terms shall be valid unless signed in writing by the duly authorized representatives of both the Participant and the Organizer.


The organizers reserve the right at any time and from time to time, to make alterations in the plan of the Event, as may in their opinion be necessary and to alter the agenda by communicating to the Participant. However no alteration to the event will be made in such way as to impose on the participant any greater liability for charges than that undertaken.

Obligation of Participants:

On confirmation, a Participant is obliged to make payments for the cost of participation, and cost for additional services availed of, as per schedule. Failure to adhere to the payment schedule will lead to forfeiture of all payments made. A Participant is bound by these conditions of participation and Rules and Regulations for Participants issued from time to time by the organizers and are obliged to enforce compliance thereof from his staff, agents or representatives. The Participant shall observe and comply with the Manual at all times .The Participant remains obliged to participate even if the Event is postponed for reason deemed necessary by the organizers.



In case of cancellation or withdrawal from participation, the paid amount would be forfeited.  All requests for cancellation must be made in writing and with date mentioned on it.

Right of Organizers:

The organizers reserve the following rights –

a)      To reject any application without assigning any reasons.

b)      To amend these conditions for participation and additional Rules & Regulations for participants from time to time, this shall be binding on all participants.

c)       To change the location or to make certain changes, alterations, curtailments in the final allotments with respect to that originally booked by the participant.

d)      To postpone, relocate, curtail, extend or abandon the event or close some or all sections temporarily or permanently. If unforeseen circumstances so require, in such an eventuality, no participant shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract to claim any compensation or damage. 

Insurance Coverage & Organizers Indemnity:

The onus is on the participant to obtain insurance coverage against all risks arising from the to and fro transport, theft, etc. A comprehensive insurance is recommended.

The organizers shall not be liable for personal injuries and material damage including theft of any goods. To be bound by the provisions of these conditions for participation, the participant expressly exempts the Organizers from any claims for damages that may be made by third parties.

General / Rules:

In addition to the above the participants shall abide by general rules of the Event venue for safety and maintenance as well as for aesthetic appeal. No hoarding, banners etc. will be allowed on the premises of the event hall and the complex or on the roads in the vicinity. Participants must take extra care to ensure that there is no damage to the floor or structural property of the event hall.

Permission / Approvals:

All verbal agreement, permission, individual approvals or special authorization shall be deemed to be valid only if confirmed in writing by the organizers.


Failure of Services:

The organizers will use their best endeavors to ensure the supply of the services at the center and of the authorized contractors, but they shall not incur any liability to participant for any loss or damage if such services shall wholly or partially cease to be available.

Force Majeure:

Under the conditions of force majeure, which also include strike, lockout, closure, riot, the organizers reserve the right to alter the opening dates and duration or curtail, cancel or suspend in whole or part of the Event. In such an event, the participant is entitled neither to rescind the contract not to claim any compensation or damages. In case of cancellation of event, refund will be made after deducting the proportionate cost already incurred by the organizers, and the cost of any additional services provided to the participant.

Final Decision:

In case of any dispute, in interpretation of conditions for participation, laid down by the organizers or between participants, the final decision of the Organizers Human Crayon Management Services Pvt. Ltd. shall be binding on all parties.

Domicile and Jurisdiction:

The implementation of these regulations or supplementary stipulations laid down by the organizers relating to the event shall be deemed to be domiciled at the office of the Delhi Courts. All disputes arising shall be judged according to Indian Laws and subject to Delhi jurisdiction.

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