Ecole intuit.lab hosting workshop on Game Design

Ecole intuit.lab hosting workshop on Game Design


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About The Event

 Ecole intuit.lab is hosting workshop on Game Design by Surojit Roy he is a former professional gamer,having represented the country playing a game called Dota. He then ventured full-time into the gaming space, at a job where he designed around 50 games for in-flight entertainment at Western Outdoor Interactive. The workshop is designed to introduce a modern-day game design. It helps apply game design principles in other industries and areas of work. The talk will primarily teach students a systematic approach to building games and other tech products, around the following 4 aspects : - Engagement, Retention, Monetisation and Distribution. 


Each comes with its own unique techniques and strategies to accomplish the goal of building and publishing an addictive game. The talk will also look into how game creators use data to track user behaviour within games. This data is then used to drive decisions ranging from the game's art style to its marketing strategy.


 After the teaching session, it will lead to the practical part of the workshop. The class will be split into groups, and each group will be given a theme. Each group will be asked to conceptualise a game from scratch around the theme given, while addressing all 4 aspects of Engagement, Retention, Monetisation and Distribution, while integrating the techniques previously discussed. The goal will be to provide the students with the tools required to conceptualise and validate their ideas before beginning on their journey into production.


 Date -  23rd March, Friday


Time - 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm


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