ECO CLICK - Tints  Shades

ECO CLICK - Tints Shades


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ECO CLICK - Tints & Shades


This is the time to reveal the words of Sri Bankin Chandra Chattopadhyay who has enlightened the country and its wisdom by analysing the Natural resources that we have today in our hands to carry forward for better future of next generations


Rational for ECO CLICK; In fact from time immortal nature has fed us, cured us, and protected us. But oday the roles have switched, we need to protect nature, cure it and protect it. Hence, we the committed individuals, focuses on our natural Eco-system of Environment and wildlife to be guarded and inspiring people to value Nature.


There is a need for promoting sensitivity among every individual who have been focusing on Environmental Conservation. There is a need for one platform segment who has immense scope to contribute to the Environmental protection as they look after the fuure generations. More over not only Naturalists ans Environmentalits who can bring up their experiences through photographs but also every responsible individual can further showcase their photograph to create more awareness among the public in general towards their responsibilities.

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