Entrepreneurial Sales Strategy Workshop

Entrepreneurial Sales Strategy Workshop


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About The Event

As a True Entrepreneur one is always expected to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’, in addition to being a ‘Master of One’. Usually the mastery is already expressed and established in the form of a product or a service developed by the Entrepreneur. However, when it comes to other equally critical key functions like Sales and Marketing, many of the entrepreneurs find themselves lost. But then, as per the popular trend, the New Age Start-Up Entrepreneurs, usually rely on an external source for the same, like finding a Co-founder who can lead Sales from the front, or hiring a Sales Professional, meant for the job, or even sometimes outsourcing the entire Sales to an external agency. Sounds good! Doesn’t it? One does what one is good at. However, the reality doesn’t sound equally good, does it?


Why is it so that even after having something unique to offer to the market, and inspite of the best of Sales minds at work, things don’t turn out as expected?


To simplify this complexity, one has to go back to the basics of Sales. In Sales, things happen when the Entrepreneurial Conviction marries the Selling Skills. It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to understand that comparatively an Entrepreneur will have the highest levels of Conviction in what he/she offers, while the Sales Professional would be the Master at Selling Skills. In essence, it takes an Entrepreneur to be equally Skilled in Sales, and Sales Team to equally match the Conviction levels of the Entrepreneur, which again is a prime responsibility of – not the Sales Team but – the Entrepreneur himself/herself. This type of Manual Alignment System would work brilliantly and would anyway help you grow and reach a stage where it doesn’t work anymore. Because, it is meant only for a pretty small team in the initial stage of a venture, and that too with varying degrees of effectiveness and efficiency, every now and then.

What if you could develop a unique tailor-made system, which will take care of this transfer of skills and conviction every time, on its own..?

A Strategy that ensures Perpetual Growth at a consistently accelerating Pace…


We invite you to Participate and Learn,

to develop one such Unique and Customized Strategy for your own Business.


To Get Business,

Get Busy-in-ESS

Entrepreneurial Sales StrategyTM


A Realization infused Entrepreneurial Strategic Workshop, designed specifically for the Visionary Entrepreneurs, conducted by leading and profound Business Coach/es from the Panel of Visible Results Entrepreneurial SolutionsTM P Ltd. – an Organization that is focused and passionate on ‘Behind the Scene’ support system for the Entrepreneurs.

Additionally, the session will be followed by a "2 hours' 1 to 1 Business Alignment Coaching Session" with our Entrepreneurial Coaches for the attendees of this workshop. This session is offered on request and has no additional investment involved.


Investment for the Workshop: Rs.3,200/- only; Offer price Rs.1,800/- only

Prior Registrations Mandatory. Registrations will close 12 hours before the workshop starts. Last minute walk-ins will have to pay the regular fees of  Rs.3,200/- only


For any further assistance, feel free to contact us:

Call us: +91 777 4015 381 / 82 / 85

Email: iam@visible2all.net


Let's make things happen..!!



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