Discover Your Self - a Six session certificate course conducted at ISKCON Pune

Discover Your Self - a Six session certificate course conducted at ISKCON Pune


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About The Event

Discover Your Self

Venture into the world of inner adventure. Explore life beyond the routine.
Designed by VOICE Director:  Radheshyam Das, M.Tech. IIT Mumbai


A Certificate course on Fundamentals of Spirituality from an International Educational and Cultural Organization.



- Most significant investment you can make is in yourself.
- Learn simple, powerful, practical truths about life and spirituality.
- A roadmap to inner peace and fulfillment.
- Empower yourself with techniques to tackle Stress, Bad habits and Conflict.


Venue, Duration and Timing

The course starts on Sunday the 10th of November 2013 and will continue for a total of SIX Sundays. Course will be conducted on Sundays only from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at the below address:

4, Tarapore Road
Next to Dastoor Boys School
M.G. Road, Camp, Pune - 411 001.

Salient features

- Professionally qualified faculty.
- Scientific understanding of God, Soul and Life.
- Slide show presentation.
- Exciting Q&A and discussion sessions.
- Mantra Meditation technique.
- Certificate awarded.


How will I benefit from the course?

- Learn to harness the power of mind through Mantra Meditation.
- Unleash the potential of the Soul to find inner fulfillment.
- Gain access to the Power of God to overpower Undesirable and Self-destructive habits and traits.
- Empower yourself with timeless Vedic techniques to successfully tackle the stresses and tensions of modern living.
- Harmonize yourself with the Universal laws of Karma & thus save yourself from future suffering.
- Discover the non-sectarian spiritual truths that can unify all religions and people.



Call Gopi Krishna on +91-9850908142 or email

Terms & Conditions

  1. If members of the Same family register for the course, we offer a Rs.100 discount for each additional member. You can claim this Refund when you attend the course on the first day.
  2. If you are unable to attend some sessions, we will allow you to attend those sessions in our future batches. So, don't worry if you cannot put aside six sundays to attend the course. Just begin and we will help you complete it.
  3. Children below 10 years can join the Parents without paying anything. 

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