Durgashtami 2017

Durgashtami 2017


  • Durgashtami 2017

    Tripura Sundari Homam provides relief from debts that cause mental aggression.Delays in marriage proposals will be settled.Increases memory, concentration and intelligence.

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About The Event

Vedicfolks Signature Ritual of 2017: Dasa Mahavidya Series of Homam with Kundalini Awakening (Tantra) on Durgashtami

Tripura Sundari Homam - Sahasrara Chakra Opening & Mercury Strengthening Ritual

Removes Doshas of Mercury, Ignorance and Impotency

Scheduled Live On: 2nd June, 2017 from 6 PM to 11 PM IST 

Vedicfolks is performing ‘Tripura Sundari Mahavidya Maha Yagya – Sahasrara Chakra and Mercury invocation’ on the most auspicious day of Durgashtami.


How Important Is Durgashtami

It is one of the most propitious days to invoke Goddess Durga. This day appears every month on the eighth day of the waxing phase (Shukla paksha) of the moon. She appeared on earth to tackle demons and other negative forces that unleashed terror on earth. Conducting rituals on the day gets rid of all bad karmas of past life. By invoking her powers one can experience happiness, success, prosperity and peace in their lives. Observing fast and rituals on the day is important for personal and societal gains.


Kundalini Awakening: This Mahayagya Opens Your Sahasrara Chakra

Vedic Astrology: Mercury will be strengthened in the horoscope which brings excitement and joy in the family. Married couple thinking of adoption can do it after performing this homa which will eventually raise the family’s status. You’ll also receive help from friends and you will be motivated in helping people.


Tripura Sundari Homam Gives Wealth And Clears Marriage Delays

The individual who performs this homa will be protected from Nirbuddhi (ignorance) and Napunsak (impotency) dosha. This homa gives wealth and a stable financial status. Health ailments, specifically infertility, will be induced and couples performing this homa will be blessed with children. Disputes or misunderstanding between couples will be settled. Bachelors or spinsters awaiting marriage will tie the knot with their desirable partner. Delays in marriage will also be cleared.


Sahasrara Chakra In Brain Function

Sahasrara Chakra is located on the top of the head. It is also known as the ‘Thousand-Petalled Lotus’, ‘Brahmarandhra’ or the ‘Centre of a Million Rays’ because it radiates like the Sun. This chakra influences the functions of the brain such as memory, concentration and intelligence. This chakra brings complete liberation from the cycle of rebirth and death.


Maha Meru Puja Ushers In Riches And Good Fortune

Maha meru is a very powerful yantra and is the divine abode of Goddess Tripura Sundari.  It’s a three dimensional yantra made of multi pyramid cosmic grids that symbolises abundance and positive powers. When invoked, it brings material and spiritual wealth, success, well being, good fortune, wealth and fame.


Benefits Of Perfroming Tripura Sundari Homam

  • Malefic effects of mercury will be removed
  • Long term debts will be settled
  • Business partnerships will flourish and obstacles eliminated
  • Misfortunes will be prevented
  • Delays in marriage proposals will be settled
  • Increases memory, concentration and intelligence
  • Relief from debts that cause mental aggression


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