Book Online Tickets for DUAL certification NLP Practitioner Prog, Mumbai. DUAL certification NLP Practitioner Program (Practitioner + Coaching)
6 Day Program
Please DON\\\'T ATTEND THIS PROGRAM , if you will plan to attend for the sake of it and go back to your life and continue the way it was.
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DUAL certification NLP Practitioner Program (Practitioner + Coaching) - 6 Days


  • Regular with Coaching Certification

    Regular with Coaching Certification

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  • Regular


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    INR 36000
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  • Early Bird with Coaching Certification

    Early Bird with Coaching Certification

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About The Event

DUAL certification NLP Practitioner Program (Practitioner + Coaching)

6 Day Program


Please DON'T ATTEND THIS PROGRAM , if you will plan to attend for the sake of it and go back to your life and continue the way it was.

For those who want to MAKE A LASTING CHANGE and have a STRONG DESIRE toSUCCEED WILL GIVE THEIR BEST during the program and take back all the learning's and apply them and get better results, read further..

1) Program Details

  • NLP Presuppositions (Beliefs of Excellence)
  • The NLP communication Model
  • Enhancing Sensory Acuity
  • Advanced Rapport building (not to be confused with soft skills)
  • Meta Programs (NLP filters)
  • Public Speaking (Boardroom, Conferences, Presentations ..etc)
  • Perceptual Positions ( Learning to handle EXTERNAL conflicts)
  • Parts Integration (Learning to handle INNER conflicts)
  • Anchoring (Ability to access resourceful state, when YOU WANT IT)
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Swish (Dealing with Negative triggers)
  • Modalities and sub-modalities (Understanding Spheres in which people operate)
  • New Behavior Generator
  • Time line Introduction
  • Applications of timeline
  • 1.Erasing Bad memories
  • 2.Long term Goals and effective steps to achieve them
  • 3.Coaching using Timeline
  • Neurological Levels of Change (Identifying your personal Values and what makes you tick)
  • Exploring Coaching Models
  • Milton Model (Conversational Hypnosis and hypnotic Inductions)
  • Persuasive Language to help you in Sales / Business / Boardroom /Family scenario's.
  • UPGRADING personal Belief System
  • 1.Understanding Beliefs.
  • 2.DESTROY self limiting beliefs.
  • 3.INSTALL self empowering beliefs.
  • Reframing
  • Installing personal Boundaries
  • FAST PHOBIA CURE (Dealing with Phobia's and Bad memories and freedom from the same)
  • Coaching with Values

2) Why Liberate with NLP?

  • You will be Trained by a Licensed Richard Bandler NLP Coach, Certified NLP Trainer and an NLP Business Master Practitioner who is also a Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer.
  • We deliver programs EXPERIENTIALLY. (Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing")
  • We believe no question is silly and we will give you ample opportunities to ask questions, to get better learning, more time to practice techniques and strategies with different participants for greater learning and exposure.
  • Lifetime support about all topics covered during the workshop (Over the phone or Skype with prior appointment).

       "It was a great experience to attend a NLP foundation program conducted by Ankoor in Mumbai. Ankoor is a true professional, an amazing trainer and his               skills are just excellent. He really makes you think and get the answers to your own questions. He is patient enough to explain everything in detail, and answer         each of your queries/doubts until you get crystal clear understanding. "


          Anirudh Dungrani

          Director Project Management at HeyPayless

          (Attended the July batch of NLP workshop)


3) Value Addition

Dual Certification - NLP Practitioner + Associate Coach (Additional Investment of Rs. 7500/-)

Criteria for Certification

i) Completion of Projects during and after the program.

ii) for Coaching , a minimum of 10 hours of Coaching to be completed (Call us to get more details)

4) Details to keep in Mind while Registering

Date : October 22,23,24,25,31st and November 1st. (6 Day program)

Venue : The Mirador - New Link Road, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai

Life Investment : Rs. 36,000/- + Service Tax


5) Offers:

i) Early Bird Offer (Rs. 28,000/- + Service Tax , Booking before September 15th)

ii) Special Discount for B-School Students 50% (Upon sharing adequate proof)

iii) Want to get your friends along? Write to us and we'll give you a package, you won't refuse !


Arise, Awake and not STOP, till the goal is reached - Swami Vivekananda

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