DSN with Ananji

DSN with Ananji


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About The Event

DREAM the IMPOSSIBLEKnow that you are born in this world to something wonderful & unique. Don't let this opportunity pass by ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji

DSN? = Intense Transformation
Achieve Personal EXCELLENCE & Become a Leader


Why should you Do a DSN?   20 reasons why you should do DSN  with Anandji J

NINE D.S.N Effects on your mind

EIGHT D.S.N Effects on your personality & career:

1.If U want 2 become Dynamic â–ºDSN

10. If U want 2 grow in all walks of life â–ºDSN

2. If U want 2 become Strong   â–ºDSN

11. If U want 2 live with total freedom â–º DSN

3. If U want 2 become Unshakable â–ºDSN

12. If U want 2 be attractive, charming n magnetic â–ºDSN

4. If U want 2 overcome Fears â–ºDSN

13. If U want 2 achieve UR goals in career & family â–º DSN

5. If U want 2 get rid of Personal Barriers â–ºDSN

14. If U want 2 remove obstacles from your life â–ºDSN

6. If U want 2 be free from Negative Emotionsâ–ºDSN

15. If U want 2 make your life celebration â–ºDSN

7. If U want 2 become Responsible â–ºDSN

16. If U want 2 have fame n be popular â–º DSN

8. If U want 2 improve your Commitment â–ºDSN

17. To live your life 100% every moment â–ºDSN

9. If U want 2 overcome Doubts â–º DSN



THREE D.S.N Effects on your body

18. If U want 2 stay Healthy â–ºDSN

19. If U want 2 shed Weight â–ºDSN

20. If U want 2 remain Young â–ºDSN


Gain STRENGTH to achieve it. How?  Guruji has created the D . S. N to enable YOU to achieve it!

World renowned & celebrated DSN teacher - ANANDJI is now F I N A L L Y teaching a D.S.N. in BELLANDUR, after 3.5 YEARS!
Anandji, the DSN Expert who has taught 500+ DSN Programs across the world NOW in BELLANDUR TOK from 24th - 27th Sept
DSN ( Divya Samaj Ka Nirman ) with ANANDJI 
DSN = INTENSE TRANSFORMATION @ all LEVELS - Physical, mental & Emotional.
The powerful techniques & processes of DSN enable YOU to 
- Experience true FREEDOM
- Experience an ocean of ENERGY
- Achieve true LIBERATION
- Break all your BARRIERS
Where you are in life + DSN with ANANDJI = WHERE You CAN be in LIFE !!  

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