Book Online Tickets for Drawing And Understanding Sri Yantra wit, Bangalore. Drawing and Understanding Sri Chakra with Rome“Immerse in the Deity power and emerge with source code”India land of Seers - Sages and Spirituality. Yantra & Mantra has lock and key relationship to energise in our personal co

Drawing And Understanding Sri Yantra with-Rome


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Drawing and Understanding Sri Chakra with Rome
“Immerse in the Deity power and emerge with source code”
India land of Seers - Sages and Spirituality. 
Yantra & Mantra has lock and key relationship to energise in our personal consciousness.
Ancient seers or ‘Rishi’ “saw” these Diety energies both as light bodies and as geometric patterns called “Yantra”.
They “heard” them as inner sound which they then articulated as “mantra”. Out of their experiences came practices that, let us touch these energies emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.
This course is designed specifically to learn how to create the Sri Yantra – a complicated geometric structure which is possible to draw with ease when you know how! The nine interlocking triangles are recognized as the building blocks of the universe.
Staring at the central dot or ‘bindu’ of the Sri Yantra is known and proven to create changes within the brain and the stimulation of the Pineal gland by focusing our attention on the ‘3rd eye’ area. The Pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the brain. It produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone, which affects the modulation of sleep patterns in both seasonal and circadian rhythms. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located in the epithalamus, near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two halves of the thalamus join. René Descartes believed the pineal gland to be the “principal seat of the soul” and viewed it as the third eye.
I have experienced great healing happen through this process where the two sides of the brain now work together, from learning disorders to strokes, to increased peace of mind, we have seen miraculous progress.
Studying the Sri Yantra (also known as the supreme Yantra). Generally, they will not give the full spoken explanation of what the Sri Yantra is, the magic of the geometries used, or the meaning of the mantras chanted. I want to make it simple. 9 interlocking triangle of Sri Yantra and, importance of every triangle in detailed will be explained.
After this knowledge one can proceed with Sri Yantra Tarpana, Homa and Sadhana etc. with proper knowledge.
The Sri Chakra, or Sri Yantra, is a specific pattern of triangles, circles and petals. It is the King of All Yantras. Sri Chakra worship is considered the highest worship of Devi, and because it contains all deities and all divine potencies within it, it brings every kind of blessing for physical and emotional health, wealth, harmony in one’s relationships, and true spiritual progress.
In truth, the worship of the Sri Chakra is both an art and a science designed by divinely inspired sages; its regular performance clears all obstacles, bestows all blessings, and carries us inexorably towards the highest goal of oneness with the supreme Goddess Sri Lalita Tripur Sundari.
Each avarana contains a certain number of triangles, petals or lines that correspond to specific aspects of Divine Mother’s powers of love, wisdom and pure consciousness. As we proceed through each avarana, we come closer to the central bindu, the source of bliss and divine consciousness.
Either you are on spiritual path or religious path, I invite you to join me open mind and open heart on 30th June, 10:30 am At Dialogue, Café JP Nagar

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