Dramatic Shift - Master Class in Personal Performance and Self Expression

Dramatic Shift - Master Class in Personal Performance and Self Expression


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About The Event

This is a total shake-up, wake-up and creative challenge for individuals and teams. Anyone, in fact, committed to producing inspirational performance. 

Leaders, managers constantly need to work creatively to understand and realise their own potential.This masterclass in creative leadership and management is a rare and demanding way of exploring your limits in a safe, yet challenging environment.

Dramatic Shift uses ideas, methods and inspiration from the performing arts, which can be applied to work in organisations. It’s even held in a theatre.

“It’s a fantastic workshop which helps to:

a) Reveal hidden talents

b) To become bold by speaking your mind

c) To work on inhibitions

d) Tap creativity & last but not the least

e) Helps make more friends.”

- L&D Lead, WellsFargo India

Through attending this workshop, participants will 

  1. How to release their untapped creativity
  2. Ways of creating innovative solutions to work problems
  3. The benefits of networking and support
  4. To give and receive insightful feedback
  5. How to enliven their working life


  1. More comfortable in expressing passion
  2. Confident to take centre-stage
  3. Refreshed and alive
  4. Bigger, bolder and better

Be more able to: 

  1. Inspire themselves and others
  2. Create better team working
  3. Take productive risks
  4. Have compelling conversations
  5. Sell smarter and more effectively

 An evening and 2 days, with a maximum of 14 Participants

“This program made me realize the road blocks and complications that I was setting up for myself, and in the weeks following the workshop I was able to break these down with a great sense of Relief and Liberation!”


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