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The Designers of Tomorrow Fellowship is proud to present the Design Thinking for Social Innovation Bootcamp, an event that brings together designers, strategists, builders, and visionaries, with one common goal in mind: to design and pr

Design Thinking for Social Innovation Bootcamp


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About The Event


The Designers of Tomorrow Fellowship is proud to present the Design Thinking for Social Innovation Bootcamp, an event that brings together designers, strategists, builders, and visionaries, with one common goal in mind: to design and prototype solutions to a local challenge in less than 48 hours.

Participants will learn Design Thinking frameworks through interactive workshops, and use creative and human-centered problem solving approaches to address a local design challenge (kept a secret until the first day of the bootcamp!).


Daily Schedule

You won’t believe how much you can get accomplished in just 48 hours! A more detailed schedule will be provided to participants, prior to the bootcamp.



Doors: 6:00 pm

Event: 6:30 - 9:00 pm

Dinner included

Introduction to Design Thinking, Design Challenge Reveal, Team Formation 

On the first night, we'll do an overview of the design thinking methodology, the mindset and values a design thinker takes, and the applications of design thinking to social innovation. We'll also grab some food and meet the other weekend bootcampers, and share what we'll be doing for the next 2.5 days. Once the design challenge is revealed, you'll form your teams around initial ideas and challenge areas. 



10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Breakfast and lunch included

Research, Synthesis, Ideation & Prototyping

Teams will start the morning with some breakfast and a short session on research tips, then it's out the door and into the field for some research. Your team will use what you learn from your research to help guide you throughout the day. You’ll be ideating, mapping, visualizing, prototyping, and getting feedback. Teams will be supported throughout the day by a team of mentors and speakers, who will help guide you through the creation of your new design concepts. Expect a high-energy, fun-filled, jam-packed day.



10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Breakfast and lunch included

More Prototyping, Presentations, Celebration

It’s a race to the finish as your team continues to iterate and prototype your design concept, based on mentor feedback & user validation! How far can you push your concept? How real can you make your prototype? Teams will finalize their prototypes by mid-afternoon and present their concepts back to the group. Then we’ll wrap up and celebrate!


Frequently Asked Questions
Who can attend the bootcamp?
Everyone and anyone can join the bootcamp! You don't have to be a “Designer” to join us. Design thinking is a process and tool that anyone can use for innovative and creative approaches to problem solving, regardless of job title or skill level.
Why should you attend? 
You will learn design-based approaches to creative problem solving and gain hands-on experience, all while having fun. You will have an awesome time and connect with passionate people from your community. You will make cool prototypes like videos, customer journeys, service blueprints and more! You will experience how a structured innovation process can produce robust, concrete and human-centered results, in just 48 hours.


Can I attend just one day of the bootcamp?
Unfortunately, you cannot attend the bootcamp for just one day, as teams use the entire weekend to research, concept, prototype and test their ideas. We understand that people have other obligations, such as family and work, so arriving a bit late/leaving a bit early, or stepping out for a few hours, is ok. If you can't make the entire weekend, but want a taste of the bootcamp, consider getting involved as a volunteer!


Who’s organizing this event?
This event is organized by the Designers of Tomorrow (DOT) Fellowship. The Designers of Tomorrow (DOT) Fellowship is a 1-year project exploring the intersections between education, social change, and design.
Find out more at:
This event is co-hosted by Entrepreneurship Development Cell of IIT Delhi and the Social Innovation Cell, NSS.
Where will this event be held?
This 3-day event will be held on the campus of IIT Delhi. The specific IITD location the workshop will be announced and shared with all participants shortly.
Want to sponsor the event or get involved?
Consider joining the bootcamp sponsor, mentor or volunteer! Hosts and sponsors make the event possible, by providing meals to keep participants fueled, and supplies to keep them prototyping! If you are a skilled practitioner in your field (designer, creative director, social entrepreneur, start up/business development, social impact, etc.), consider being a mentor! 
If you'd like to get involved, we would love to hear from you. Email us:

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