Book Online Tickets for DNA ACTIVATION FOR PROSPERITY with Sound, Pune. (((Samruddhi ))) - Prosperity DNA activation through sound   A Prosperity Workshop   (This program is based on the thesis of Russian scientist Fosar and  Bludorf that DNA can be influenced and programmed by frequencies.)  Why People Struggle around H



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About The Event

(((Samruddhi ))) - Prosperity DNA activation through sound

A Prosperity Workshop

(This program is based on the thesis of Russian scientist Fosar and Bludorf that DNA can be influenced and programmed by frequencies.)

Why People Struggle around Health, Wealth & Relationship?
Dis-ease, Poverty, Failure and Lack have their own frequencies and most people struggle in many areas of life if they are tuned to adverse frequencies.

“Samruddhi- Prosperity DNA activation through sound” is a workshop which will help you change your frequency from scarcity to prosperity, Illness to wellness & Effort to Effortless. This workshop will help you free yourself from the negative frequencies of issues, attitudes, and beliefs you carry about MONEY, SUCCESS, LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS from the DNA & cellular level…
The International Human Genome Project did extensive research over a 14 year period (1989-2003) to identify all the genes of the human genome. The Project decoded approximately 2% of our total physical DNA. The remaining 98% was determined to have no biological purpose and labeled “junk DNA”.
However, two separate research teams (US team led by Professor Eugene Stanley and Russian team lead by Dr. Peter Gariaev) later discovered that the junk DNA was not junk at all.
It is in itself a biological language and it responds to frequencies.
Activating your “junk DNA”opens up the memories stored in your cells, creating balance and harmony on a deep level – your DNA level. It releases karma and increases your vibrations, which helps you become in-tune with who you really are...

PRINCIPLE: Everything is energy and we all are vibrating at various frequency patterns. Research has shown that when we are deprived of certain light frequencies we can become sick. One of the most fascinating scientific facts to emerge recently is that sound behaves in a similar fashion to light. In other words, sound and light act like vitamins and minerals in our body. Most people are deficient in certain tones and this is traced when the human voice is recorded and monitored. We need a certain balance of sound frequencies, which may vary from one individual to another, in order to maintain our bodies in a healthy state.
Dr. Emoto's work proved water STORED and RECORDED emotions and thoughts. Well your body is mostly water--is this starting to make sense to you?

The negative frequencies, thoughts and emotions, about lack, illness and poverty from your past generations and friends are also RECORDED inside the WATER of YOUR DNA and PLAYING, OVER and OVER, blocking your Prosperity or delay the SUCCESS! So the negative frequencies of THEIR adverse emotions, experiences and beliefs also have to be removed and that energy adjusted to the frequency of Prosperity, so ours can manifest!
We all have an abundance and wellness gene stored in the memory of you DNA. Our goal is to help you identify and remove the hidden obstacles in your DNA that hold you back from success in your abundance and health.

METHODOLOGY:Our DNA reacts to its resonant frequency. Not surprisingly, because sound is also a vibration, we naturally respond to its frequency and resonance. This becomes clearer when we consider that our body is at least 70 per cent water –a medium that is able to resonate sound vibration and thus influence the cellular make-up of our entire body. sound vibration has the ability to bypass the ‘how to’ of our rational thinking mind and clear energetic pathways within our body without us even knowing it. This allows us to access positive thoughts, emotions and ways of being in the world with more ease. Its 3 Step Program…
Release: To receive Prosperity, you FIRST need a lot of non beneficial frequencies removed. Non Beneficial frequencies BLOCK your prosperity.
Resonance Frequency Adjustment: By Producing the Resonant SOUND the frequencies are raised to higher beneficial patterns.
Retain: Techniques to retain the higher frequencies in a daily life.

Join us Creating MIRACLES in LIFE!!

Replace inherited and limiting beliefs forever
Remove Blocks & Struggle from cellular level
Test Root chakra and balance for prosperity
Vibrate at the frequency of Prosperity
Activate abundance DNA with Sound
opening yourself up to more love from self and others
Know your Lakshmi-Alakshmi Frequencies
Direct your Sex energy to activate prosperity centers
Learn the SECRET Sound of Prosperity
Help others prosper....and much more!

The Benefits of a Prosperity DNA Activation
• Clears Old Programming Concerning Money
• Release Blocks That Stop Money Flow
• Heal Old Emotional Issues Around Money
• Reprograms Your Cellular Memory
• Restores Original Prosperity Consciousness
• Unlocks Your Inner Abundance Receptors
• Restores Your Ability To Attract Wealth
• Increase Your In-Flow As A Money Magnet
• Raises Your Manifesting Vibration
• Manifest Personal Success On All Levels
• Enjoy A Rewarding And Abundant Lifestyle

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