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POWERFUL Digital Marketing Structures / Frameworks

After twice in London, Jakarta, Jaipur, Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi we are in Mumbai. This is the first time when Mumbai will witness Digital Marketing Frameworks.
There is much clutter in Di

DMD Training on Digital Marketing Frameworks - Mumbai


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About The Event


POWERFUL Digital Marketing Structures / Frameworks

After twice in London, Jakarta, Jaipur, Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi we are in Mumbai. This is the first time when Mumbai will witness Digital Marketing Frameworks.

There is much clutter in Digital Marketing but to stay PURPOSEFUL you need step by step guide. We are not digital focus company, we are business focus company, the frameworks are business focused.

There was a time when digital was all about getting up there and running it, the knowledge of digital was sufficient to make digital success, now no more. Getting on digital is easy, you can learn it easily, the ad dashboards are self-explanatory.

Also, most of the ad panel, be it Google or Facebook, it has an auto mode, from ad creation to optimization, it can self-correct itself. So knowing digital is no more THE ADVANTAGE, now the advantage is around knowing the structures, the flow to stay purposeful. 

Few examples:

  1. There are 4 markets - Search, Context, Profile & Marketplace ... for FMCG (Profile is 65%, marketplace is 20%, search for exports 10% and contextual rest), for real estate Search will be 20%, Profile 40%, marketplace 30%, context 10%), for apparels for sales (80% will be marketplace) ... how do you identify the right market for you.
  2. There are 5 types of consumptions, video, text, image, mobile and local, which one you will invest on. For a heavy competition industry, we got millions of views on videos through video route, it did not go viral, it was searchable
  3. There are 5 types of TG, do you know KFC got one website for each TG, how many websites do you have? Do we really need to invest in all types of sites?
  4. There are 7 types of investment - Assets, Asset Maintenance, Enhancers, Hygiene, Paid, Organic and Branding ... where is your social media falling, for most of the brand's social media is under hygiene but they invest as if it is a core channel for branding, then we complain, social media doesn't work.
  5. Do you know in India, Facebook ads are 1/10 the cost of Google ads, that's not true for US/UK, it's at same level, did you know that FB ads are considered the most preferred B2B marketing channel, yeah you heard us right, B2B, see how to use FB combination ads for your B2B.

There is much to learn but learning is like adding muscles to your body, just imagine a body without structure but all muscles, often digital feels so. Add structures to your knowledge bank.

Create your own mind structures to convert knowledge to digital wisdom. (older version for an overview, this times course is a lot different, we have 8 sessions with 2 core sessions on frameworks, one on budgeting, one on strategy and one on channel KPIs).

We are doing it to help in the ecosystem. For a similar training, we charge few lakhs to corporates. We believe ecosystem should not struggle for know-how, you and I will survive based on our innovation on top of the know how. Thus we don't hesitate in sharing in-depth know-how. That's the reason why some people say that this is the best training they ever attended, no one says far far far the best (3 times far :)) , one of the best event (from London Event)  etc ... we are uploading other videos too at 

We take care of three things in the workshop

- Mindset, Skill Set / Know how (give you a lot to learn) and Tool Set (some power astras) 

Wrong question: How to fit Digital Marketing into my business? How can I learn digital marketing as a skill?

Right Question: How to start building our business to adapt to new age marketing? How to adapt to new Digital Mindset, start using it, learning comes later.


Who should attend?

Anyone into digital, be at an execution level or be at a business level. This gives you the language of digital marketing, the frameworks, you should follow the same structures at all levels of your company. These are powerful digital structures. 

What will you learn?

  • World’s most preferred Digital Framework (Assets, Enhancers & POEM campaign layer) 
  • World’s most preferred Digital Marketing Structure (Journey of customer) Understanding Digital markets (Search Intent, Profile Target, Contextual, Re-engagement & mobile) 
  • Budget Allocation across the broad heading and then under channels
  • Target segmenting (Target Grouping) and messaging for TGs 
  • Team Allocations and business KPI mapping with Digital KPIs Channel understanding – 12 channels will be covered & Much more


The Coach: 

Abhishek Rungta

Founder & CEO, Indus Net Technologies

Abhishek Rungta, Founder and CEO of Indus Net Technologies is an Entrepreneur, Digital Strategy Consultant, Software Architect, Marketing Geek, Angel Investor and a Visionary.

After doing his Bachelors from Kolkata he went on to do his MS in Multimedia Technology from the University of Bath, UK in 1999-2000.

Abhishek plays an active role in the Organisation providing a strategic roadmap and also executing the same along with the management team. He has over two decades of experience in Digital Marketing and has conducted a number of successful workshops on Digital Marketing PAN India and abroad.

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