Book Online Tickets for DMAi 2012 Convention, Mumbai. DMAi 2012 Convention will be the first ever Indian Direct & Digital marketing event that will provide with all of the tools, technologies, and best practices to accomplish company’s goals, engage audience real-time, and keep all one step ah

DMAi 2012 Convention


  • B2B Marketing Masterclass Registration by Ruth Stevens on Aug 1st 2012

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  • Corporate Leadership Masterclass by Sanjay Thakker on Aug 4

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  • Best of Social Media Masterclass, Michael Leander, Aug 4, 2012

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About The Event

DMAi 2012 Convention will be the first ever Indian Direct & Digital marketing event that will provide with all of the tools, technologies, and best practices to accomplish company’s goals, engage audience real-time, and keep all one step ahead.  With an array of distinguished speakers the event will be a single source for all multi-channel marketing from – traditional to digital – trends, latest news and industry insights.

The DMAi 2012 Convention titled “Marketing Made Smarter” will be a two day event spread over 4 tracks covering key sessions in Engagement and Loyalty, Digital influence in Direct Marketing, Lead Generation, Behaviour Marketing, Creativity in Maximizing Impact of marketing programs, global experience in legislation on privacy, successful case studies and more. This will be the single source event for all multichannel & integrated marketing. The accent will be on accurate, accountable and measurable response programs in brand strategy that are the need of the hour today.

Thought leaders from global and Indian markets will be participating in key note presentation, case study talks, panel discussions, judging the DMAi Awards and conducting Master classes on Aug 1 and 4.

In an increasingly channel agnostic marketing environment, as customers continue to evolve in how to interact with the brand, the main objective of the marketers remain driving sales by producing satisfied customers through integrated Direct Marketing campaigns. DMAi 2012 Convention aims to be the most sought for event to overcome this challenge.

The event will create a platform for the companies, brands & agencies to

1.INTERACT at networking and relationship-building events to connect with a diversity of peers, marketing experts and solution providers from around the world.

2.IDEATE and learn from the actionable marketing education at every level encompassing all direct marketing forms including digital in many sessions, master classes, workshops, one-to-one labs and more.

3.INNOVATE by mastering the unlimited channels, harness data, effective messaging and media to create relevant, real-time conversation with prospects & consumer.

The event will focus on B2B & B2C marketing using Database & CRM, Direct Mail & Postal, Online / Digital Marketing, Mobile, Loyalty, List & Insert Media, Print Production & Fulfillment, Search & Social Media, e-commerce, DM Events & Experiential, TV, Radio & Other Media.

“Direct Marketing is the beginning of a movement to understand ROI-driven marketing in India,” says Luisa Mazinter, CEO of, who is a Key Note Speaker for the DMAI convention, 2012 to be held in August

Q] What do you think of the current Direct Marketing scenario in India?
India is a very dynamic and exciting market. It is certainly a big growth story. There is so much opportunity for growth in this market. Businesses in this country would benefit hugely by being aware of the power of a Direct Marketing (DM) approach. The Indian market is ready, the challenges are all surmountable, and compared to other markets around the world, the growth trajectory in India is very promising.

Q] Where do you think India is, when it comes to usage of this marketing discipline?
It is very similar to South Africa — there is this hugely sophisticated business environment as well as people who are from a lower economic stature and not as sophisticated, which results in inherent challenges in reaching people, making them put their hand in their pocket and pull out their money to pay for a product or service, which is the ultimate objective of marketing. At the same time owing to the proliferation of mobile and Internet connectivity, DM in India is perfectly poised to become the next springboard of success.

Q] Do you think this discipline is underleveraged in India?
Yes. There are a large number of corporates using DM effectively, but mid-sized or smaller companies are not using it at all. DM is such a discipline that any kind of company can use it – be it small/mid-sized with a small database of customers that needs to be grown or a large corporate with millions of people on its database – the same techniques can be used to grow the business and measure the impact of marketing spends and use it better next time. From what I understand, a very small percentage of top companies are using DM in India; and invariably it tends to be companies affiliated with global brands. One thing I have heard here is that people think DM is about direct sales, which is sad.

Q] What are the factors obstructing the growth of DM in India?
The biggest obstacle is education and lack of awareness. Another one is lack of integration. In a business, Marketing and Finance should work hand in hand because it is about understanding the financial perspective and marketing to drive numbers. As we work in a digital age, it is also working with IT and Analytics to make sure the data is converted into insights about your customers that will allow you to convert money into the bottomline. Only with cross-functional integration of these three disciplines in business can we really drive effective marketing.

Q] How is the DMAI hoping to change things through its convention?
DMAI is very courageous in fighting the fight for DM in India. The convention is really a case of telling the Indian market that DM is very effective and legitimate, because this is what is going to drive your business in future. This market is absolutely poised for growth; it can either be managed or unmanaged growth. The shift the DMAI hopes to bring about is for a marketer to feel a sense of achievement and say, “I took my company from X to Y level because I understood my market and consumers. My consumers are so loyal to me that they won’t even consider my competitors.”

Q] Who is the DMAI targeting?
The DMAI is targeting marketers in general and also businesses, and anyone who is looking for an intelligent way of taking their goods and services to the market. This is not just about the CMO, it is about the CFO, CIO and CEO; it is about moving our approach to business from an anecdotal to a structured approach.

Q] What can we expect from the convention?
A very exciting and dynamic convention, with speakers from all over the world, some top notch international and local speakers talking on very relevant subjects ranging from important analytics to generate results; the role of Digital and how it can be leveraged through direct retention marketing and loyalty.

The deeper you dive into the sea of knowledge, the more you experience and absorb. Similarly, the DMAi 2012 Convention is a transformational ocean of knowledge for marketers who wish to enhance their expertise in the field of marketing. The Convention provides a platform for multi-discipline marketers to interact under one banner. Over 100 national and international companies, along with their teams, 1will be a part of the convention.

The Convention will serve as an ideal platform for companies, brands and agencies to share knowledge on effective integration of multi-marketing disciplines. This covers digital environments, channels, data, and media to create relevant real-time dialogue with customers, connect with hundreds of solution providers and build the social and professional network.

Whether you’re a novice or a superstar, you’ll be sure to find the right level of programming and networking just for you!


National and international thought leaders, masterclasses, conferences and seminars which will cover areas like Social, Mobile, Search, Behavioral Targeting, Interactive Television, Email Marketing, Analytics, Attribution, Emerging Channels, Cutting-Edge Mail, Print, Creative, and more. We at our convention offer you “knowledge with fun” with pre and post conference intensives.

The information and education you’ll acquire at DMA2011 will help you better understand integrated marketing strategies for stronger campaigns, more sales and leads, and most of all, maximum ROI

Get ready for world-class business leaders presenting riveting case-studies of their real-world rise to thrilling success. Gain expert insight on promising practices and expert analysis as well as behind-the-scenes lessons-learned that will both educate and entertain!

Technology enables greater tracking of ongoing activities around the world. To simplify it further, we have maintained a track record of all our sessions. You can now just scroll through the listed database of tracks and sessions as soon as they are available.

Digital is Direct and Direct is Digital
• New age of digital in Direct
• The rise and rise of Social Media
• Social Media Optimization and its implication
• Buzz marketing and reputation management

Retention and loyalty
• The new mantras in CRM
• The new fan page culture
• After acquisition what?
• The elusive stickiness on the web
• How to engage the youth

Creativity in the new age
• The age of media neutral ideas
• The 360 degree phenomena
• The benchmark cases in response to creativity
• Cross channel marketing, its planning and practice
• Innovation in media planning to make direct more effective

Lead generation, behavior and trigger marketing
• The b2b and b2c essentials for effectiveness
• Extending value of marketing database
• The eCommerce puzzle : has it been cracked ?
• Event triggered marketing
• Blogs and behaviour management
• Metrics of measuring impact of our programs

Additional Topics
• The Direct and Digital divide blurs
• The tangible deliverables of Direct
• Future of email and sms.
• Has social media become bigger than its proponents
• Role of DM in experiential marketing
• The intersection of social media and direct

There are those that know marketing. And then there are the masters. The DMAi Convention 2012 will conduct special master classes where reputed marketing thought-leaders, who have shaped marketing, will share their ideals with you and help you understand marketing in a more practical way.

So to spill these beans of knowledge DMAi Convention 2012 will also be conducting special master classes where in senior eminent members who have played a vital role in shaping marketing as it is today will share their ideals with you which will help you to understand marketing in a more practical way.


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