DIY Science Fest 2016

DIY Science Fest 2016


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About The Event

A four-day DIY Science Fest organized by a National Award winning company with lots of entertainment is here. The event will have Science Shows, Robot Shows, Bubble Room, Science Theater, Science Workshops, Entertaining Science Talks, DIY fun and stalls for science, robotics, electronics and craft items.

They are committed to bringing the fun and excitement of science in all. The festival will have loads of hands-on activities, numerous performances, interactive demonstrations, and family-oriented science entertainment.

Since this is an event organized by Science Enthusiasts with Non-Commercial intentions for promoting learning, they are planning to execute the event in a unique way with lots of knowledge and learning combined with fun and entertainment. 

They have stage Shows where different professors /scientist from various fields of study address the gathering and speak on topics they are proficient at. As the Professors are talking, they would have a team of theater artist performing on the stage and make the content more engaging.

They have various other stage shows of science experiments, shows, and educational Science revelation that would happen in the form of small plays on the stage. Few of the shows are perfume cannon show, science magic show, illusion show etc.

Various stalls with fun filled science activity and shows will be there. They have stalls on Solar and wind, where the kids get educated on the science behind Solar and Wind in an interactive way & they get to try on few experiments.

They have a designated DIY area where all the props pertaining to science are spread out, and kids have an access to this area where they can use these props to build various things like Roller Coaster, Bridges, Lego Toys, FM radio, fire alarm, Dancing lights etc.

Robot shows comprising of amazing bots doing their assigned work independently. These robots need not be controlled by a remote. They have thinking and analyzing capacity.

A fun Bubble zone where the kids get a chance to make bubbles the size of a room and play with it. These bubbles are stronger than the usual soap bubbles because of the composition. 

An inter-school science model exhibition where the kids compete with their inventions/models.These Models will be on Display.

A workshop on forensic science where kids are taught the technology/ science behind forensic science.

A workshop on puzzle solving and maths for kids that are interested.

The event will also have few paid workshops on Aeromodelling, Origami, craft with slime, Robot building, Logic, and Maths.

Science Show (Profs with Props) - "Profs with Props is a show which teaches concepts of science by Real Scientists assisted by theater artists with hilarity and dexterity. It is a unique science talk show where real world scientists speak on interesting topics while the trained theater artists demonstrate using the entertaining props."

DIY tinker zone - "Science Gully with an exciting DIY activity at every corner

1. Make your own MP3 player, FM radio, fire alarm, light alarm, gas leak alarm, dancing lights etc. without soldering

2. Make a giant roller coaster

3. Make toys with LEGO bricks"

Forensic science - "Children learn the tricks used by a spy to recognize fingerprints. They use a ‘special’ powder to take their own fingerprints on to a black paper. They learn how to pass secret messages using simple household items. Look at the world with the eyes of a spy. "

Math Magic - "Children learn the tricks used by a spy to recognize fingerprints. They use a ‘special’ powder to take their own fingerprints on to a black paper. They learn how to pass secret messages using simple household items. Look at the world with the eyes of a spy."

Science Show - "The Show That Steals Your Mind The performers use live experiments and cartoon clips to teach some fascinating facts, and everyone participates in the science experiment.

1. Perfume Cannon

2. Coldest show on the Planet

3. 3D Act Out in air

4. Dancing Flames

5. Science Magic Show"

Robotic Show - "See a robot show every 15 mins.

1. Maze Solver

2. Line Tracer

3. Edge Avoider

4. Robot Racer"

Puzzle Mania - "Speed up your logic with fun-to-use, easy-to-learn tips, tricks and shortcuts for faster solutions. This workshop will improve your skills, allow you to optimize your performance and give you a competitive edge in Sudoku. Impress your friends and shine beyond the classroom!"

Fun Do Slime - "Get creative with chemistry.

1. Design your very own slime in this interactive workshop.

2. Take home your creation in an unbreakable test-tube."

World Of Origami - "Get creative with paper.

1. Make creative origami art

2. Take home your creations"

Aeromodelling - "Learn the concepts of aeromodelling required to create and build your very own model aircraft and send it on its first breath-taking flight."

Jumping Electrons - Welcome to the world of phosphorescence. Kids understand the notion of phosphorescence using UV lights to play and write on walls.

Smoke Bazooka - Pow!! Smoke rings are launched into the air so as to demonstrate how Bernoulli’s principle and aerodynamics work.


To collect physical tickets at the venue starts at 9:00 AM

No last date- same day physical tickets can be collected or online it can be purchased prior. 

Free workshops can be attended with the Rs.100 entry pass. 


A four-day DIY Science Fest with loads of entertainment fun in Bangalore. The event will have Science Shows, Science Workshops, Entertaining Science Talks, DIY fun and many more stalls which we are selling.

Entry time for the Conference – Between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Entry Tickets Price:

• For children (4-16 yrs) - Rs. 100/- 

• Adults ( 16 and above) - Rs. 50/-

Late entry for the Conference - allowed

Tickets are valid only for one day.

Are children allowed for the Conference (specific age to enter) – Yes, the Conference is for children between the age of 4-16

Age limit to buy a ticket – not applicable

Overall Capacity of the Venue – Above 2000

Are there any other Performers / Acts – Yes / Theatrical performance

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