DIY Drone Workshop - 16th December 2017

DIY Drone Workshop - 16th December 2017


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About The Event


Do you find yourself wanting to be equipped with skills to build a new-age technology device that is finding application across sectors ranging from military to entertainment? 
Drones have always awed people and wouldn't it be cooler if you knew to build one?
Register for our workshop where you can learn how to build a drone from scratch and embrace the drone paradigm that is taking over the world, quite literally!

What you'll learn in the workshop:

- Mechanics of flying vehicles
- Hardware of Quadcopter
- Wifi Communication
- The Autopilot
- Pluto PCB
- Contents and diagram

Activities during the workshop:

- Mechanics of flying vehicles
- Frame creation
- Motor Mounting
- Prop balancing
- Auto‚Äźpilot hacking
- Connecting Android phone to the quad
- Flying a Drone

Materials provided:

Participants will be provided the entire drone kit for the workshop. At the end of the workshop, the students will have the option of returning the drone or keeping it with them for a small additional price. 

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Venue: Acumen Connect




Cost per person: 2000 INR 




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