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About The Event

It’s that time of the year when you have several guests coming home! Looking around your house, someone is definitely going to spot that beautiful looking lamp shining bright in a dark corner. When they politely inquire, “Hey this is beautiful, where did you buy it from?” You can simply smile and proudly say, “I made it myself!”

WorkshopGuru presents DIY Diwali Decor Workshop! Learn how to make:

– Light Hole Lamps

– Bangle Diyas

– Paper Boat Rangolis

– Ribbon Kandils

– Impressionist Torans

– Illuminati Bulbs

At WorkshopGuru, we believe in doing things with a twist! We have ensured we transform these traditional decorative items into contemporary creative designs, which make your guests go wow! The best part? You can use these designs not only during Diwali but all throughout the year!

Sounds difficult right? No, not at all! We have ensured that the designs are stunning yet easy to create and you can make them without sweating too much!

You just need to carry:

- Black Marker

- Pair of Scissors

- Blades

We would provide the rest of the material! You Take What You Make!

Instructor: Kinjal Parikh is a Mumbai based law student who loves to explore various mediums of art and craft including all types of water-based paintings, sculpturing, fabric painting, crafting with recyclable materials and sketching. She believes in keeping things simple and her minimalist designs are a proof of that! She is passionate about sharing her skills with people from all age groups.

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