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Divine Shades a solo show of paintings by Riya Jain


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 Roopchand Art Gallery, National Galaxy of Modern Art Trust (Regd.) Presents "Divine Shades" a solo show of paintings by Riya Jain. 

Colors are the most exquisite and exuberant expressions of emotions and when combined with art, they form the best language to convey the expressions unsaid. Whether earthly or divine, colours can paint every possible aspect of life form beautifully. To commemorate this splendid unison of colours and art, Roopchand Art Gallery and National Galaxy of Modern Art Trust (Regd.) presents the exhibition titled “Divine Shades” . The exhibition portrays the work of Riya Jain, the artist a Fine Art's Diploma Holder from RCIFA. A graduate of philosophy from Delhi University, Riya’s fervour for art can be seen through her splendid patterns with a touch of realistic aspects that define the magnanimity of the divine through several unique combinations of hues.

Ambassador of Peace is a serene portrait of Buddha engulfs all what he is the epitome of peace and calm. Emblem of Love pictures the feathers that adorn Krishna’s crown, the creature adorned with the most wonderful shades of nature. Ganesha, the harbinger of good luck in the beginning of every work, who is one of the most revered gods in the Hindu Mythology. Journey of peace consists of the abstract patterns in vivid colours surrounding the Buddha figure equivocate the surrealistic calm the aura of Buddha induces. Ladakh-Heaven on Earth is the realistic depiction of Ladakh’s solitary landscape through natural shades highlights the bliss of the region. Pearl carves out the blooming colours in eye catching pattern ornate the most essential entity of the aquatic world. Royal beauty showcases the tranquil combination of shades of gold and blue enrich the portrait of this graceful creation of god. The Golden Crown displays that with enriching colourplay, the grace of a peacock resides in his golden crown. The Spiritual Connection exhibits the conglomerated pattern that enriches the portrait of Budhha heightens the grace of the portrait. Vault of Happiness shows that when colours come together to design a kaleidoscopic sight, the display is pleasant to watch.Vibrations of the Supreme carves the Destroyer with most peaceful yes, Shiva sis emblematic of grace combined with immense power.

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