Diversity & Inclusion In India 2011 Forum At Hindustan Unilever Limited

Diversity & Inclusion In India 2011 Forum At Hindustan Unilever Limited


About The Event


'Community Business’ is delighted to present its first Diversity & Inclusion in India 2011 Forum.  With the theme “Leveraging Diversity to Drive Performance – India’s Voice”. The goal of this forum is to bring a truly Asian perspective to the discussion of diversity with a focus on business issues specific to India.

Through a combination of plenary and breakout sessions, this event provides a forum for honest and open discussion and will provoke participants to think about diversity issues in new and different way. We expect participants to be able to see the business value in harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion.

The unprecedented growth of Asia is capturing world attention. With an average annual growth rate of nearly 6 per cent in the past ten years, Asia’s share of the global economy has risen to a third.  At the heart of this growth is India – often described as an ‘economic powerhouse’, setting the pace of change and poised to take a leadership role – both in the region and globally.

Yet as companies recognise the economic rise of Asia - and India in particular, business leaders are grappling with how to harness the talent and potential of this vast and complex region.  Leveraging India's tremendous diversity and creating inclusive workplaces to engage talent to contribute to growth and innovation is critical.  But what do workplace strategies for diversity and inclusion look like in India and how are they business relevant? How can India learn from the experience of other countries in Asia?

Key Speakers :

Meenu Bhambhani, Head - Global Corporate Social Responsibility, MphasiS

Sebi Chacko, Head of HR, Thomson Reuters

Sunita R. Cherian, Vice President  – Human Resources, Wipro EcoEnergy

Niranjan Khatri, General Manager - Welcomenviron Initiatives, ITC WelcomGroup

Registration: Registration rates for the Diversity & Inclusion in India 2011 Forum are as follows:

Regular Rate : US$ 180 (Rs 8,000 / HKD 1,404)

Special Rates : US$ 162 (Rs 7,200 / HKD 1,264)

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