Discover Yourself - Transformation Within

Discover Yourself - Transformation Within


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About The Event

About the Workshop:

 A typical ‘Discover Yourself’ imparts inner peace to the participants. It frees, helps free them from anger, rancor, jealousy, frustration and depression; boosts their confidence, guides them towards a successful life, mends intra-family and inter-personal relationships, helps set participants’ lives on the axis of God consciousness, sharpens their understanding of the purpose of life, removes the psychological burdens of the past, builds contentment and helps in goal-setting and overcoming setbacks. It unleashes positive energy; heralds hope in lives emaciated with despondency, opens new vistas, and harnesses inner potential for constructive purposes. It builds bridges between people and the Creator.

Designed by Dr. Sadath Khan himself, the unique three-day educational workshop format is a journey to discover One’s True Self and one’s True purpose of life. It is a unique experiential, life changing and empowering workshop that seeks to transform participants into good human beings.

Discovering What & Who?

  •   A golden opportunity to discover and explore the infinite inner world, which is not visible otherwise.
  •   Discover and see the joy, the bliss, the serenity and peace in exploring your inner world
  •   Discover your inner blind spots
  •   Discover reality

What the workshop is about:

  •   Harnessing the innate knowledge and abilities of every individual
  •   Developing an ability to distinguish between knowing, doing and being
  •   Developing an ability to distinguish between Truth and falsehood
  •   An experiential exercise, rather than a conceptual endeavor
  •   Creating a new future free from the burdens of the past
  •   Taking responsibility for one’s life
  •   A paradigm shift from self-created reality to Absolute Reality
  •   Developing an ability to see and treat every human being as human being


About the Speaker:

Sadath Khan has pioneered the concept of ‘Discover Yourself’, a series of high-intensity workshops powered by the theme of self-introspection. These empowering workshops are not just informative, but are also transformative in nature, seeking to guide and shift the participants from self-created reality to the Ultimate Reality. They afford participants the ability to come out of the box and realize the Ultimate Reality, thus opening the doors to a new realm of consciousness, calm, peace and tranquility.


ON: 30, 31 DEC 2016 & 1st JAN 2017

FROM: 8.30 AM -6.00 PM

VENUE: Wood Bridge Grand Hotel, AC Guards Road, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad, India


9885247333/9291523184 9866009951



Single: Rs. 1,500/-

Couple: Rs. 2,500/-

Student: Rs. 1000/-

Repeaters: Rs. 1000/-


(Lunch, Tea and Study Material included!)

Spot Registrations: Cash accepted


Pay Online through Mera Events


Repeaters come and revive what you have forgotten.

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