DISC Based Sales Training

DISC Based Sales Training


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    DISC bases Sales training

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About The Event

Who is it for ? The workshop is for entrepreneurs and sales professionals

Why is this workshop useful for you? This workshop helps in significantly improving the effectiveness of how you INFLUENCE & SELL by providing insight on how different styles communicate, think, make decisions and interact with others.   Please enquire about the SPECIAL Package for trainers.

What will the workshop help you in?

The workshop will help you in:

  • Increasing your understanding of behavioral styles (DISC); your own and others strengths and behavioral "blind spots".
  • Becoming aware and appreciative of differences in other styles.
  • Learning how workplace stress affects behavior in very predictable ways.
  • Assessing other people's basic behavioral style using verbal/non-verbal/spatial cues.
  • Improving your ability to build more effective working relationships, despitestylistic differences, by learning how to become situationally flexible(style flexing).

What will be covered ?

  • Basic understanding of human personality
  • The 4 quadrant model: DISC stands for 4 behavioral styles i.e. Dominance (direct and decisive), Influence (optimistic and outgoing), Steadiness (sympathetic and cooperative) and Compliance (concerned and correct).
  • The inherent strengths and weaknesses of each personality through examples and discussions.
  • Method’s to assess other people’s basic behavioral style using verbal / non-verbal/ spatial clues
  • Style flexing – how to adapt your behavior to fit the needs of people of other styles with special reference to sales situations.

What will be the methodology? The methodology is to use 70% experiential learning and 30% lectures aiming at making learning fun and effective. Discussions, exercises, role plays, video clippings, lecture & group exercises will be major methodologies.

Who will conduct the workshop?

Lovely Kumar or Anila Rattan

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