Diploma in Car Design (August 2015)

Diploma in Car Design (August 2015)


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About The Event

  Diploma in CAR DESIGN offered by Launchpad Academy, is a 2.5 Month Instructor-led, Intensive,  Online Course. 




Course Fee: Rs. 9999/-  (Call Roshan on 9632027594 if you need any help)



Mr. Sathiyaseelan Gangasalam, is Head of Styling - Ashok Leyland.

He has an M.Des Degree from IDC, IIT Delhi. He has consulted and led teams in automotive styling at Tata Motors, Tata Elxsi, TVS and General Motors before joining Ashok Leyland. He is passionate about teaching Design to young minds.



After the completion of the diploma, you should be able to conceptualize, sketch and render a complete automobile with complete design knowledge.



All those students and professionals who are keen to start a career in Automotive Design.



None: Only Passion for CARS!



Transportation / Automobile design is the process of designing the appearance of automobiles, including cars, trucks, vans, buses, and even motorcycles for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.


Every automobile starts with a simple idea, and it’s a transportation designer’s job to come up with these ideas.  The interior and exterior of every vehicle on the market today was designed by automobile designers. These designers are usually responsible for the styling which means to make the vehicle attractive and are also partly responsible for designing the shape of the car as well. Besides making a vehicle attractive, designers also influence the color scheme of an automobile.


The DiCD course provides fundamental knowledge to Transportation Design practice primarily concentrating on Cars. The course is targeted at those who are passionate and interested in Car Design but were not trained due to lack of opportunity and wish to gain a broad foundation in this area. We primarily cover hand skills such as sketching and rendering with various media such as pencils, pens, paint, markers and digital.


The faculty has diverse global experience designing and managing Transportation Design for some of the world's best known brands working from design offices in India and Japan and is the GM and Head of Styling of one of the largest commercial vehicles manufacturer in the world.


Our aim is to provide enthusiasts with relevant high quality continuing education taught by some of the most experienced and recognized designers in the country, and directed towards learning the skills needed to prepare a portfolio of concepts

  • to apply as prospective design students to a design school and/or
  • to add as an additional skill-set when applying to an industry job.








Introduction to Car Design

Overview of Transportation / Automobile Design.

What is Car Design?

Historical perspective on Car Design

What do Car Designers do?

Some important Car designers & Case histories

Trends in Car Design

Design process

Automotive design – body styles, layout, proportions, themes



Design Communication

Introduction to sketching as communicating tool

Sketches classification – Ideation sketches, Exploratory sketches, Explanatory sketches, Persuasive sketches

Sketching Basics

  • learning to sketch straight lines
  • learning to sketch circles and ellipses

Sketching exercises to train your arms and hands to acquire consistency in your line work



Sketching Fundamentals - Part 1

Applying Sketching techniques – lines, circles, ellipses

Introduction to Perspective Theory

1-Point Perspective sketching

Geometry – cubes, cylinders, spheres



Sketching Fundamentals - Part 2

2-Point Perspective sketching

Sketching geometry shapes in 2 Point Perspective



Sketching Fundamentals - Part 3


Building Blocks to Car Sketching

Sketching a block car

Using primitive shapes to build a car in perspective

Understanding the basic form and proportions of a car sketch



Sketching Fundamentals - Part 4

Understanding Light & Shadow - Highlights, Reflections, Cast, Core, Shadow

Wheel Sketching



Car Sketching Fundamentals - Part 1

Using block car techniques to sketch

  • side-view of a Car
  • front and rear view of a Car
  • 3/4 front and rear view of a Car



Car Sketching Fundamentals - Part 2

Freehand Sketching a car using 1-Point Perspective and 2-Point Perspective



Sketch Rendering Fundamentals

Approach rendering with proper methodologies for execution

Understanding how to render Reflective surfaces

Understanding Contrast, Highlights, and Color

Rendering Exercise 1 – Pencil/Pen shading

Rendering Exercise 2 – Marker Rendering



Concept Sketching and Digital Rendering

Concept sketching Cars

Rendering Exercise 3 – Using Digital Methods to render the concept sketches




  • The course ends with a concept car project executed by individual students which needs to be presented through drawings, collages, sketches and renderings – The final combination of all the previous lessons.
  • Portfolio preparation to document both course progress in mastering “car sketching” as well as demonstrate the capacity for creativity and design.