Book Online Tickets for Digital Marketing Champion (Level-1 Boot, Hyderabad. Digital Marketing Champion (DMC) is the certificate of recognition awarded by Factoryal for the individuals who have attended a series of competency development programs (Bootcamps) and have demonstrated the capabilities of strategy formulation, oper

Digital Marketing Champion (Level-1 Bootcamp)


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    Participants sponsored by their respective employers

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About The Event

Digital Marketing Champion (DMC) is the certificate of recognition awarded by Factoryal for the individuals who have attended a series of competency development programs (Bootcamps) and have demonstrated the capabilities of strategy formulation, operations management and analysis & reporting pertaining to digital marketing projects and organizations. Each level of certification can be attained by completing one bootcamp at a time for which participant will earn a digital badge which will lead to accomplishment of certificate of recognition after earning all the badges.

Like any other functions of business, digital marketing (DM) too requires a cohesive and holistic strategy to plan and manage the execution of various activities to reach business goals. Having no strategy in place is as good as trying to combat the battle without knowing the dynamics of opponent, battlefield and outcome of the fight which leads to loss of enormous resources.  Besides knowing various channels and tools of digital world, it is very essential to formulate a sound DM strategy to deliver the better results in your company or to your clients to increase the ROI of marketing dollars.

This Bootcamp series is aimed at practicing professionals of digital marketing, small business owners, startup founders, marketing consultants, account managers at agencies, PR professionals and freelancers who are keen to upgrade the capabilities of digital marketing while augmenting their knowledge and basic skills in order to develop and execute winning digital marketing strategy for their employers, own business or clients or partners. 

Key Takeaways

Rest assured, you will walk away with key competencies which would help you gain the edge over your peers and competitors to advance your career. Some of the key takeaways from this bootcamp are:

  1. Building a business case through market analysis exercise
  2. Assess the status quo through digital marketing audit
  3. Deep-dive to understand the building blocks of digital marketing strategy
  4. Key levers of execution for effective strategy execution
  5. Be familiar with tools & technology for effective monitoring 

Mentor & Coach

Factoryal is founded and operated by Ram.Nutakki, a seasoned management consultant and first-generation entrepreneur with 15 years of professional & entrepreneurial experience. He is the Founder of YNew, India’s first re-commerce and aftermarket Services Company for computing devices established in 2012. Prior to his entrepreneurial stint, Ram worked as a consultant, advisor and mentor with prominent startups in Hyderabad ecosystem namely MartJack, PayNear, MeraEvents, and other startups, entrepreneurs and angel investors in diverse sectors. His experience traverse across diverse industries (Internet, Mobile, Retail, E-Commerce, Financial Services and Education/Training) and cross-functional experience made him a successful strategist, tactician and marketer. Feel free to explore his academic and other credentials at his LinkedIn Profile. 

Program Schedule

All our Bootcamps are scheduled during weekends to suit the needs of working professionals and business fraternity. Upon completion of first bootcamp, every participant will be intimated about the subsequent program of the bootcamp series since you need to earn the required digital badges to attain the Final Certification. If you miss to enroll for a subsequent program in this quarter you may get the chance only during the next quarter. The program for each level of certification will be held only once in a quarter. However the validity of individual badge is limited for 1 year from the date of bootcamp and final certification is valid for 5 years. 

Date & Duration

23rd SEPTEMBER 2017 | 9AM-5PM (Session-1)

24th SEPTEMBER 2017 | 10AM-5PM (Session-2)

Who can apply?

  • Any digital marketing professional with at least 1 year of experience in any role related to digital marketing in any Startup or SME or Corporate
  • Accounts managers or marketing consultants who have worked on at least 3-4 digital marketing projects for any SME or Corporate clients
  • Small business owners, startup founders and freelancers are required to possess the knowledge on essentials of marketing to better manage their internal resources and projects


It is mandatory to prepare all the given pre-reads and complete any pre-sessional assignments delegated by your coach if any. No need to carry laptop by every participant unless it is instructed.

How to Apply?

Please APPLY ONLINE and wait to hear from our team about your eligibility for this program. Typically the application review period will be 24–48 hours during working days, depending on the program you have applied for. Upon acceptance of your application you can proceed to register for the program. If we have any questions or issues with your application, we’ll email you further instructions and direction. 

Fee & Payments

Program Fee: Rs.9999 per bootcamp which covers the cost of participant kit, 8 hours of bootcamp, a print copy of digital marketing canvas, food & beverages and 4 mentoring credits. 

Introductory Offer: Rs.7999 (Limited to First Batch of Participants)

We are glad to extend early bird offers, group discounts and women empowerment scholarships to make sure that our programs are affordable for those who deserve it. Please call our team (7207779195) to find out the details or visit our partner to know more details on such offers and scholarships. You must pay the program fee in advance through the following payment channel.

Credit/Debit Cards: Please visit and pay while registering for our program

You can review our refund policy and replacement policy to understand the applicable terms

About Factoryal

Factoryal is an emerging business incubator with a key focus on skill and competency development for professionals and entrepreneurs through management tools, workshops, competency boot camps and apprenticeship programs. We aim to mentor entrepreneurial capabilities among first-generation entrepreneurs and to build skills & competencies specializing in most in-demand careers pertaining to digital marketing, e-commerce and technology sales. We strive to foster a flourishing community of entrepreneurs and professionals to chase their dreams and passion while striving to contribute for India to achieve its missions of Skill India and Startup India. 

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