Didupe and Ermai waterfall trek - Adventuresome

Didupe and Ermai waterfall trek - Adventuresome


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Didupe & Ermai waterfalls lies in the base of Charmadi Ghat ( Chikmagalur, Karnataka)


Didupe falls is a stream of water falling from great height in one step and forms a decent pond structure in the base. Here, with little difficulty, you can go beneath the waterfall and take a good bath. If you would like to swim, can spend some time swimming too. Falling from a great height, the outpouring Didupe creates a pond structure in the base. You will find it difficult to resist yourself from jumping in. But the pond in the base won't be steep and wide so that swimming will not be satisfactory.


Ermai falls is multi level waterfalls and if you are little adventurous, then you can go into the natural carvings of the waterfall in the middle level and see the water falling in front of you. It is an amazing experience where you see waterfalls standing in the mid level.


But to reach both the falls, you will be trekking for almost 15 KM in total. Also, since the waterfalls hold huge rocky structures, they would be slippery during any other season rather than summer.


DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy to Moderate 

  • The total Trek/Hike distance is in between 12 to 15 KM’s (Easy)
  • Climbing to Ermai waterfalls cascading carving levels can be difficult for some as it needs concentration, stability, fitness and risk taking capability. (Our outdoor leaders can guide you to live this thrilling experience)



  • Trekking/Hiking
  • Sightseeing and Heritage walk
  • Camping activities (If condition permits)
  • Recreational and Fun games / Mud activities


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