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Data, today, is no more confined to a few rows and columns of an Excel spreadsheet. Your audience for dashboards and reports is not homogeneous. Data is both rich and big. And, our audiences vary from analysts, engineers, to consultants, directors and VPs.


When communicating complex information, it is not enough for our visualizations to be only colorful and interactive. How do you quickly get your message across to business leaders who have 5 minutes to look at your reports and want to make a decision based on that?


A successful explanatory story is one that breaks down a complex analysis into its constituent parts and guides the audience through an introduction, tension and climax. Animations in data visualizations, with careful pacing and thoughtful transitions, allow us to show how different parts of a system come together. In this meetup, we will discuss how these ideas can be applied in both business as well hobby projects. We will also cite examples from notable work done by other data storytellers across the world.


Time breakdown of the event:
First 30 minutes: Socialize, Network
Next 45 minutes: Talk by Akash Mukherjee (https://www.linkedin.com/in/akashdeepmukherjee)
Next 30 minutes: Open Discussion amongst attendees and sharing Demos
Last 15 minutes: Socialize

*Ticket : INR 200
**One snack and one drink is included in the ticket

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