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DHARMENDRA RAI Secrets To Invisible Selling


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    DHARMENDRA RAI Secrets To Invisible Selling

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About The Event

1 Day Seminar On INVISIBLE Selling 

Know You And Your Team Are More Capable Than Most People Who Earn 100 Times Your Income ?

So What Makes The Other Guys Money Magnets ?


Not Obvious Selling . Everyone Does That ! Cold Calling , Fixing Appointments , Making A Pitch … Yawn 

INVISIBLE Selling . The Science Of Selling WITHOUT Selling ! 

OBJECTIVE : To At Least DOUBLE YOUR INCOME Within 1 Year Of The Seminar ! 

Clues To Some Subconscious Selling Strategies You ll Learn In This Seminar 

( Subject To Change Without Notice ) 

1 ) How To Make People COMMIT To Buying Your Services Without Consciously Knowing It , With Just A Few Words On Your Biz Card ?

This is done by using the Zeigarnik effect . Uncompleted tasks and unmet goals tend to pop up in one 's mind . Once the task is completed and the goal reached , however , this stream of reminders comes to a stop . How can you use the Zeigarnik effect to boost your sales ? 

2 ) Does Offering FREE Products Make Sense ? 

Sometimes it does , sometimes it does not . When should you use the FREE card ? How much should you give away free ? Whom should you give FREE stuff to ? What goes on in a prospects' brain when he knows of your FREE offer ?

3 ) How does making your services scarce increase your income ? 

The tendency to be more sensitive to possible losses than to possible gains is one of the best supported findings in social science . Psychological researchers Daniel Kahneman & Amos Tversky were the first to test & document the notion of " loss aversion " - the idea that people are more motivated to avoid losses than they are to acquire gains . Loss aversion can explain quite a bit of your prospects ' behaviour in areas such as finance , decision making , negotiation & persuasion . How can you make your services scarce ?

4 ) How can inconveniencing your prospects increase your sales ? 

Colleen Szot , one of the best writers in the paid programming industry once changed just 3 words in an ad which shattered a nearly 20 year sales record for a home shopping channel . Although her programmes retained many of the elements common to most infomercials , including flashy catchphrases ,an unrealistically enthusiastic audience , and celebrity endorsements , Szot CHANGED 3 WORDS to a standard infomercial line that caused a HUGE INCREASE in the number of buyers . Even more remarkable these 3 words made it clear to prospects that THE PROCESS OF ORDERING THE PRODUCT MIGHT PROVE TO BE A HASSLE ! What were these 3 words which skyrocketed sales ? She changed the all too familiar call to action line " Operators are waiting , please call now " to " If operators are busy, please call again " . How did this apparently negative message boost sales ? What is the psychological phenomenon that has happened ? How can you use it ? 

5 ) 7 Magic Words To Skyrocket Sales !

Here are 2 - Because & Now . Why are these 2 words EXTREMELY POWERFUL ? What are the other 5 words ? You must make using these words as often as possible , almost an unconscious process starting right NOW because you badly want to succeed !

6 ) How Much Choice Should You Offer Your Prospects ? 

Offer too few and you may lose a sale . Offer too many & you may confuse your clients . What does Sheena Iyengar - the world s foremost authority of decision making , think about this ? 

7 ) Should you talk about your offerings ' flaws ?

If you do , it may make you look a like a poor salesman or make your service look bad . If you don t , you could lose credibility as your services may appear perfect . What 's the way out ?

Each and every strategy is followed by confabs where ppl discuss what they have understood and how they ll use these strategies in their selling process . These confabs throw up lots of important questions that are answered by the trainer that help clarify the idea and strategy in minds of the attendees so they are ready to IMPLEMENT these strategies the minute they walk out of the seminar 






Sat , 13 th Feb , 2016


9.30 am – 6.00 pm


Singh HRD , 5 th Flr , Sai Chambers ,
1 Minute Walk From Santa Cruz East Station
022  26 11 59 28
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