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What is a Mind Map?
A Mind Map is a revolutionary thinking tool that can enhance people\\\'s skills drastically in the many areas like

HR Management

DHARMENDRA RAI Manoj Nair (Dare to Lead) Mind Map Open Thane


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About The Event



What is a Mind Map?

A Mind Map is a revolutionary thinking tool that can enhance people's skills drastically in the many areas like

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • HR Management
  • Compliance
  • Negotiations
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Risk Control and other Business Processes A short video on Mind Maps


Who invented it ?

  • Tony Buzan is the Inventor of Mind Mapping and a Leading Authority on Creativity, Memory and Thinking
  • He is a Bestselling Author of 123 books, with Sales totaling 3 Million and counting
  • He was named one of the world’s top 5 speakers in the world by Forbes magazine.
  • Officially has the highest Creative IQ in the world
  • Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize


Content (Subject to change without notice):

Module 1

Experiential session to get people to experience the power of Mind Maps themselves

  • Discover how Mind Maps could enhance your creativity between 50 - 500 % IMMEDIATELY
  • Why creativity is like oxygen
  • The science of creativity
  • Dangers of low creativity
  • Myths of creativity
  • State of creativity on the planet based on intense research
  • The future of business and how challenges could be met
  • Discover how Mind Maps demonstrate that we are all unique and how to tap that uniqueness
  • 2 biggest challenges facing the human brain today identified by neuroscientists


Module 2

The Science behind Mind Mapping

What is Whole Brain Thinking?

  • Myths of Whole Brain Thinking
  • Gestalt and its enormously powerful applications
  • Experiential Exercise to prove Imagination is extremely critical to memory
  • Daydreaming. Good or bad?
  • Video defining Mind Maps from Tony Buzan - the inventor himself!
  • Video on The Most Important Graph In The World
  • Extraordinary learning’s about the brain and memory
  • How to apply the lessons from the Most Important Graph In The World


Module 3

Mind Maps for Brain Storming

  • Why most Brain Storming is actually brain " drizzling "
  • Group Brain Storming or Solo Brain Storming
  • 3 critical rules for Brain Storming with Mind Maps
  • Experiential brain storming session for tackling burning issues

Module 4

  • Laws of Mind Mapping
  • Understanding ALL the laws of Mind Mapping
  • The reasoning behind all the laws of mind mapping


Module 5

  • Destroying the phobia of drawing. 95 % of the world's population has it !


Module 6

  • Practicing making a Mind Map with all the laws of Mind Mapping
  • Structured feedback session for the Mind Maps drawn


Module 7

  • Various uses of Mind Maps for Business
  • Education
  • and Self Development

Module 8

  • Assignment for certification, Q & A session, Conclusion


Trainer Profile

Internationally Acclaimed Trainer - Dharmendra Rai

Mumbai's First Mind Map Trainer

  • Proclaimed a "Genius" by Tony Buzan - Mind Map Inventor & Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Testimonial Video here

  • Endorsed by Jack Canfield - "The Secret" Teacher & The Co Creator of The Chicken Soup For The Soul Series (Sold Over 5 0 0 Million Copies!)!

Video :

  • Ranked # 1 in a International Creativity Test by Tony Buzan & Chris Griffiths in Dubai.

Video :

  • Conducted 1 8 0 + Mind Map Seminars
  • Mind Map seminars done for Execs of Many Fortune 500 Cos and The IITs, IIMs, Harvard Business School and London School of Economics Alumni
  • Has over 5 0 0 Testimonials on his website

  • Probably the Most Endorsed Trainer In The World On Linkedin .5 7 0 0 + Endorsements

  • Has 4 0 0 + Video Testimonials and over 2 6 6 0 0 Views on his YouTube Channel


  • "Dharmendra Rai' gives rise to over 6 Million Reference Pages on Google
  • Speaker at The World HRD Congress 2012
  • One of the Most Connected People on the Planet. LinkedIn : 2 2 2 0 0 + Connections .
  • FB : 5 0 0 0 Connections
  • Clout Score : 72 . Is one of the most influential people in the world on Social Media
  • Member of Mensa International ( A International High IQ Society )
  • Appeared in prominent media like CNBC, Times Of India, DNA , Zee Business and
  • Channel V
  • Work Experience of 15 years with companies like Morgan Stanley, Alliance Capital. Last position was National Sales Head of Benchmark Mutual Fund, now Goldman Sachs
  • Has been a TED x Speaker. It was an honour for him to speak at a platform that has had speakers like Tony Buzan, Anthony Robbins and Bill Gates
  • Video On TED x Channel That Has Over 134 MILLION Views :


Proud To Be Nominated For Inclusion In Marquis Who's Who !

The family of Marquis Who's Who publications presents unmatched coverage of the lives of today's leaders and achievers from both the United States and around the world, and from every significant field of endeavor


Nominated for the REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP in partnership with CtrlS, iCONGO, VSO and Karmaveer Chakra (Instituted in partnership with the United Nations .


Nominees have included Peter Buffett ( Noted musician and son of Warren Buffett ), Mairead Maguire ( Nobel peace Prize Winner ), Don Cheadle & George Clooney , Amish Tripathi & Tony Robbins



A MUST for Everyone!

How could it benefit People?

Mind Maps have infinite applications .Whatever you are doing, you can do better with a Mind Map.

Who MUST attend?

Functions that can be improved massively are


  • Investing
  • Research
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Compliance
  • Negotiations
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Presenting
  • Problem Solving
  • Communicating
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Project Management
  • Operations
  • HR Management
  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Creativity
  • Memory Enhancement and Revising among other processes


Participant Fee:

  • Rs. 4,000 per seat + (Service Tax 12.36%)



  • Training by an Internationally Acclaimed Trainer
  • Training Material
  • Lunch will not be provided. 

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