DevOps Training and Certification in Gurgaon

DevOps Training and Certification in Gurgaon


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About The Event

What is DevOps ?

DevOps means, a person who understand operations and works at development but in the context of career development, it carries the association of a "modern" Systems Programmer.

Who should do this course ? 

DevOps career opportunities are increasing. Many organizations yet to adopt DevOps practices to improve the reliability and maintainability of their production environments. The course is specially designed for the following professional roles

Software Developers
Technical Project Managers
Operations Support

DevOps Technology

DevOps is energizing since you are continually working with and incorporating new advances and unraveling new difficulties. Basically your employment is to locate a glad harmony amongst operations and engineers. This relationship is fragile and can explode if not managed. As a Devops authority your employment is to coordinate these two unique attitudes. This requires parts of IT be safely shared with the goal that you don't have habitual pettiness (which I myself host been a gathering to). Designers need to consistently push code and operations need to continue everything running easily. The more coordinated the frameworks and procedures being used, the less demanding it is for each to carry out their employment.

I for one get a kick out of the chance to consider IT three separate stages that all add to a definitive accomplishment of the undertaking tech biological system; bundling, mechanization, and scaling.



Working Knowledge of your domain i.e. System admins and developers.

Programming knowledge

With constant evaluations of new application, Ansible is the latest where you don’t required to be having background on programming. ing knowledge is must. 

Focus of this course

DevOps practitioner course is designed to prepare you for future successful software development projects and operations professionals. This training has been designed to follow best practices for software development and effective operations management.

Be A complete DevOps Engineer

Devops Engineers are high in demand, to become a Devops Engineer you need to learn the below technical skills:

Windows Track

Linux Track


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