Devops Skills - You got what it takes ? (free event, open to all)

Devops Skills - You got what it takes ? (free event, open to all)


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About The Event

Whether you are a Developer, QA or a IT Operations personnel, with organizations adapting devops practices you need to skill up with the latest and the greatest of the devops tools, relevant to you. And its not the same basket of tools that dev and ops both opt for. This talk is about the essential devops skills required to transform yourself to be a next gen devops professional. And this is based on real data, a devops skills report 2016 (to be published soon) by Initcron Systems.


About Gourav Shah,  Founder @ School of Devops 


Being passionate about world of Open Source software, and then later managing systems at scale, Gourav has transformed himself to be an expert Devops Enabler. He has trained more than 2000 IT professionals from leading tech firms including CISCO, Intuit, Walmart Labs, Dreamworks, Accenture, Capgemini, RBS, Wells Fargo, Oracle etc. which makes him a coveted devops trainer. After heading IT Ops team for one of the successful silicon valley venture, he went on to launch Initcron Systems, a niche firm specialized in devops and cloud and School of Devops, a leading provider of devops education. He is the author of “Ansible Playbook Essentials” published by PACKT. Gourav evangelizes about Devops, Cloud and Automation Tools at various events, meetups and conferences. He has initiated Devops meetups in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi and is an active member/speaker at Devops Bangalore.



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