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Watch Live :Wednesday, Feb 1st  03PM - 3:45PM.
Who is this webinar for ? 
• You are a IT Professional, and would liketo make a career in

Devops Skills - What you need to know to be a devops pro


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About The Event





Watch Live :Wednesday, Feb 1st  03PM - 3:45PM.



Who is this webinar for ? 


• You are a IT Professional, and would liketo make a career in devops, but do not know where to get started, which skills to acquire. 


• You are IT Services company or a Consulting Firm and would like to build a devops practice. You need to skill up your folks, but don’t know where to get started and what your skills folio should look like.


• You are an organization that plans to get started with the devops journey. You would like to understand the trends, most common practices, and identify the areas to start this journey with.


• You are a training company (like us at School of Devops) and would like to build training programs which are relevant, job oriented and truely value add for the trainees.


Who is this useful for ?



About Devops Skills Report 2016


We star ted School of Devops with strong


asser tions about the skills that a devops


engineer should posses. However we wanted


to validate these asser tions by collecting


relevant data, analyzing it and coming up


with distilled information about devops skills.


After br ainstorming with the team on


various approaches, we star ted an internal


project to collect most relevant, easy to


c o l l e c t i n fo r mation av a i l a b l e i n publ i c


domain, i.e. google trends, job boards etc.


We collated data, catagorizing it and


s o r t e d a s p e r t h e d e m a n d . We t h e n


visualized it with graphs. We found this data


to be so useful and representing the current


state of the market, that we decided to make


it available for larger community.


T h i s i s t h e second r e p o r t , fi r s t been


published in 2014.


“ Anyone who reads Devops Skills Report 2016 , has immediate


access to the list of most coveted skills in the field of


devops, all sorted by categories and relevance. This would


avoid you to spend hours going thorough the job boards


across the globe, search for devops related positions,


understand and analyze the data and try to make sense


out of it. Since the data is been curated, distilled and


presented visually, its easy to digest. More over its all


been ranked according to the demand, so you would find


it easy to come up with list of skills that you need to


acquire next…”



About Speaker 


      Gourav Shah

Being passionate about world of Open Source software, and then later managing systems at scale, Gourav has transformed himself to be an expert Devops Enabler. He has trained more than 2000 IT professionals from leading tech firms including CISCO, Intuit, Walmart Labs, Dreamworks, Accenture, Capgemini, RBS, Wells Fargo, Oracle etc. which makes him a coveted devops trainer. After heading IT Ops team for one of the successful silicon valley venture, he went on to launch Initcron Systems, a niche firm specialized in devops, cloud and School of Devops, a leading provider of devops education. He is the author of “Ansible Playbook Essentials” published by PACKT. Gourav evangelizes about Devops, Cloud and Automation Tools at various events, meetups and conferences. He has initiated Devops meetups in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi and is an active member/speaker at Devops Bangalore.

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