DevOps Meetup - Demystify the DevOps for you

DevOps Meetup - Demystify the DevOps for you


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About The Event

After the great success of one day DevOps workshop conducted on Sept 03, 2016, we are back again as promised. With more energetic, dynamic, hands-on updated versions of DevOps workshops, enhanced as per your feedback, enriched with new knowledge, and latest updates from the industry.

So what would you like to learn? What new experiments we have done recently? What were the outcome? 

• What is the problem that you are not able to solve?

• What is that one thing which is blocking your team for successful and continuous delivery?

• Has adopting agile methodology not helped your team to deliver software products successfully?

• Are you struggling with agile transformations for your teams or organization?

• If adopting agile has not helped, will DevOps be the solution?

• Where is your team exactly failing? Does the team know how to fail fast? Where and when to fail?

• What is DevOps Coaching? How and what to coach to your teams? Do they need coaching for performance?

And several other questions came to our mind, when we started our DevOps journeys with multiple teams, multiple times, in different situations. We are sure, many of such questions you might have faced on your transformation journeys as well.

Is there any perfect way or methodology for DevOps transformations?

This will be a "No Theory" Meetup. Discussions about 100% real practical experiences, situations, and problems we face in day-to-day life of software product development. How to cope with these?

Join this meetup:

• To share your experiences and brainstorm, if you will ever need "DevOps" and how it will help your teams?

• To find the right meaning and implementation of term "DevOps" for your software development teams, what we have learned from DevOps journeys with different teams.

• How can you develop the "DevOps transformation" frameworkspecifically customized for "your" teams?

• What coaching, training your teams will need for DevOps transformation and deliver continuous value to the customer?

• How to find and solve your real problems?



All registered candidates are requested to RSVP here as well: .

All the updates regarding the workshop will be communicated through our community (meetup) platform only.


If you are unable to register for this workshop, please send an email to with the subject line: "DevOps - Pune - 11/Dec".

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