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About The Event

Think you are the next Harvey and Mike? Think you can dupe the law without necessarily having been to a law school? Here’s the event for you to don the coveted shining armour, basically a suit!

‘Laws were made to be broken.’ Rather, they were made to be twisted and mended. 
If one must succumb to the worldly pursuits, one must always abide by the law or at least look like it. An event that tests your skills to interpret, manipulate and persuade.

Traditional consultancy services and mock trials topped off with a rule book that’s been warped beyond recognition. Look for loop holes in this new event while you find your way out of the same loop.


  • Round 1: Between Lines and Loops - ONLINE - (As many) - August 3, 2015
  • Round 2: il Consigliere (12 Teams)
  • Round 3: Trial and No Error (4 Teams) 

The Online Round will be conducted on August 3, 2015 10pm-11:40pm.
Registered participants will be sent a mail on their email ids at 10 pm. The questions sent will have to answered in a Word Document and sent by 11:39:59 pm to
Winners will be invited to Atharv'15 at IIM Indore from 11-13 Sept'15 for further rounds.
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Terms & Conditions


  • Rules:

  • Participation in teams of 2.
  • Every participant can be a member of only 1 team.
  • Multiple teams from the same college are allowed.
  • It is NOT a PREREQUISITE to know the law of the country. In fact, it is of no use because we have our own!
  • Any form of indiscipline/plagiarism/cheating will lead to immediate disqualification

Win Prizes worth Rs. 8,000 and more!