Developing Achievement Motivation - Mumbai

Developing Achievement Motivation - Mumbai


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Achievement Motivation is the will to realize ones performance capability. Everybody has got achievement motivation, but in some it is surfaced and operative and in others it is latent. Objectives : To lay the foundation for personal growth and success by 1.Knowing yourself what are your needs that drive you 2.Understand the origin of Achievement Motivation 3.Find out your level of Achievement Motivation 4.Learn strategies to increase its intensity and make it operative 5.Know how is you approach to task 6.Insights in to your Goal setting behaviors, your risk taking styles 7.know you orientations towards task and rewards 8.know how to build all of this in to your personal and professional lives Contents : Thematic Apperception Test : This test tells you what is you current level of Achievement Motivation which is operative right now and gives you insights on how to increase its intensity Motivation Inventory : Ring/Coin Toss Game : This game tell you how you go about approaching a task and what are the modifications one needs to do Network of Achievement : Methodology Completely experiential, i.e. Games, Story writing, Self perception inventory Faculty : Makarand Gokhale 1.Certified DISC Trainer, Step 2 MBTI Trainer AMT Certification from NIESBUD 2.Head Training Novartis, Pfizer Legacy Pharmacia 3.Head Field Force Productivity and Training Sandoz 4.Head of Talent Management APAC for Sandoz 5.General Manager HR and Head Talent Management at Tata Teleservices.

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