Dev Tibba Trek: The unseen Himalayan facet

Dev Tibba Trek: The unseen Himalayan facet


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 The Himalayan range that stretches across in all its glory packs in everything that a backpacker would want – easy access, dark pine forests, open meadows, glacial valleys, towering mountains and an arduous journey that leaves the heart begging for more!

The trek beginning from Manali and back after filling your rucksack with memories of jest, laughter, self-exploration and the permanent of beautiful nature, and bonds forged with friends for life, will not want you to go back to your routine. Experience life unplugged, grove to amazing songs sung around a campfire. Feel one with nature. The sound of your own breath would resound through the quiet valley as you walk through the villages Jagatsuk and Chika. Watching the alluring sunrises and sunsets at the unexplored Chandrataal in Srei, watching the deafening waterfalls and modest streams... Sleeping at night in tents sharing stories and holding onto that blanket of stars for warmth, the white snow and below zero degree temperature will provide the perfect contrast. Unrestricted, allow that alone-time to think about life and your own personal thoughts while having a quiet conversation with Nature, the perfect non-judgemental sound board. The enthusiasm for exploring being contagious you would leave no stone unturned to absorb as much as you can – of the valleys, mountains, the pulsating nature and everything around you.

The silence of the valley and the music of the mountains will make your heart skip a beat. Be prepared to fall in love with the mountains and trekking...


Includes camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags, food and snacks, fun and adventure activities, games, first aid, interaction with locals

Excludes travel from your city/town to and from Manali

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