Book Online Tickets for Design Thinking for Creative Problem Sol, Mumbai. TinkerLabs in Association with ISDI presents 2 days of Enthusiatic and Engaging Workshop on Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving. 
- Learn to identify business/start-up opportunities with design driven innovation- Learn to syste

Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving


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About The Event

TinkerLabs in Association with ISDI presents 2 days of Enthusiatic and Engaging Workshop on Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving. 


- Learn to identify business/start-up opportunities with design driven innovation
- Learn to systematically generate new unconventional ideas
- Learn about application of design thinking in business innovation
- Learn rapid and cheap techniques of testing concepts


Why learn Desing Thinking?

Design Thinking is a popular new approach for innovation, being adopted by many top companies, start-ups, governments think tanks and NGOs around the world and in India- Apple, Infosys, Coca Cola, British healthcare department to name a few. It has enabled new innovative solutions in sectors as diverse as healthcare, IT, banking, and FMCG.


It is a myth that creativity is restricted to select individuals, and occurs in flashes of brilliance. And TinkerLabs is working to bust this myth. We believe that creativity is a skill that can be systematically developed using proven frameworks of Design Thinking.


In this program, you'll apply the design-thinking process to real challenges in a rigorous hands-on exercise. Using a clear, step-by-step process that combines creative right-brained thinking-such as brainstorming and visualization- with traditional left-brained analysis, you will reach an innovative solution for the problem at hand.


What essentially is Design Thinking?


It is a human centred approach of problem solving which derives inspiration from human behaviour- habits, mindsets, and lifestyle. The methodology is inspired by the approach used by designers; it is an abstraction of these tools and techniques cross applicable to technology and management domains such as product development, marketing, operations, finance etc.


Theme of the Workshop



We will be working on Mumbai Local Train Journey Experience



Based on both live and secondary user research, we will try to identify solutions to multiple problems like 'ticket checking for massive crowds', 'improving business for platform vendors', 'handling boredom and fatigue during actual travel' among others. Ideas may range from new/improved services, communication sign boards to mobile apps/websites and new rental opportunities. 



Our focus will be on finding solutions with financial viability. And we hope this experience will not just help the group discover new solutions for the railways but develop a set of learnings that they can apply at their companies. For that, there will be a session at the end of the workshop dedicated to identifying opportunities to apply design thinking in attendees' companies.




How will this program be conducted?


Program will be conducted in a rigorous workshop mode. Participants will work in teams of 3, and spend considerable time outside the seminar room, physically engaging with their users. They will create live versions of their solutions and actively test and refine these with real users. Videos and stories will be used for elucidating various techniques throughout the workshop.





  1. Introduction


Understand design thinking framework through engaging case studies


  1. Hands-on creative problem solving


Teams will start working on a live challenge involving both social impact and business opportunity. Details of the case will be shared closer to the workshop.


2.1 Empathy exercise – Feel the user


Empathy is the foundation of human centred design process. We need to observe, engage, and immerse in the user’s experience to discover unarticulated needs and spot opportunities for new solutions.

In this session, teams gather their user’s challenges by conducting interviews and observation sessions.


Tools and exercises:Empathy interviews, Journey mapping, Mind mapping, Extreme user study, Data visualization, Empathy mapping


2.2 Reframing and Ideation – Go wide and wild


Two of the biggest enablers of innovation are ‘reframing of problem statements with different perspectives and insights’ and ‘generating ideas without judgement and early rejection’. The former offers a platform for innovation and latter builds on it.

In this session, teams synthesize their learning from the empathy phase; develop their hypotheses and points of view, and generate ideas


Tools and exercises:Problem reframing, Stakeholder relation mapping, Brainstorming, Analogues


2.3 Prototyping and Testing – Fail fast


It is clearly understood that ideas are worth ‘0’ unless implemented. It is also equally well known that most ideas fail. Hence efficient, rapid, and cheap techniques of trying out ideas are of utmost significance.

In this session, teams try to simulate the user experience proposed by their solutions, gather feedback and refine their solution concepts


Tools and exercises:Wizard-of-oz prototyping, low-resolution prototyping and user driven prototyping, feedback capture grid


  1. Open house- Take design thinking to your organizations


In this session, participants will apply their learning from the program to identify opportunities for design driven innovation at their respective organizations. These can range from market research projects and marketing campaigns to new product development and human resource management, based on specific contexts and challenges of their organizations.


About TinkerLabs

TinkerLabs enables innovation, through hand-on workshops on Design Thinking. While the status quo believes innovation is restricted to a certain few, we believe everyone has an innovator inside, waiting to be stoked - When questions are asked, ideas are created!


Founders/Facilitators of the Workshop


Kunal Gupta- alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and BITS Pilani; worked in Management Consulting and Product Design

Ankur Grover- alumnus of INSEAD  and BITS Pilani; worked in Strategic Planning & Business Development, Market Research & New Product Development 


About ISDI

The Indian School of Design and Innovation ISDI (iss-dee), inaugurated its founding batch of under- and post- graduate studies in July 2013, committing to a new educational model, inspired by the idea of design and innovation as transformative forces in society. core to ISDI’s philosophy.

We believe: disciplines of design and innovation play a significant role in addressing issues of economic development and social improvement. These challenges take on a special urgency in India, where a growing population and a rapidly evolving society crucially needs a strong design intervention.

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