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Design thinking as a methodology is popularly adopted by corporate to train employees in creativity, empathy and customer centricity.  It helps in bringing innovation in day to day work.&nb

Design Thinking and Lean Startup Workshop


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About The Event

Introduction to Design Thinking and Lean Startup 

Design thinking as a methodology is popularly adopted by corporate to train employees in creativity, empathy and customer centricity.  It helps in bringing innovation in day to day work. 


Our Design Thinking and Lean Startup workshop focuses on software engineers, managers, professionals and business leaders. It’s an introduction to the creative idea generation and user-centered design approach to problem solving.


We will tell you how to build a lean startup using design thinking. And we will use process of design thinking to innovate and build a deep understanding of customer need. Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Coca-Cola, Toyota are using design thinking to solve their most complex problems. 


What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a process to innovate and solve customer problems using design. Every business is centered on customer behaviour. And customer need, preferences and behaviour determines the form and nature of product. Design thinking is a tool to define this unmet customer need that business/product can solve. It will also help in finding out the viability of the product and make a profitable business.   


About This Workshop

This is a hands-on workshop to learn design thinking process and use it to rapidly prototype your next business idea. Anyone can attend this workshop and you don't need to be a design thinker or creative person to be in this workshop. In this workshop, we are going to focus on solving a customer problem, building a business idea and turn it into a product for customers. You will learn to innovate and apply design thinking to your own business/profession/startup. And you don't need to bring anything along with you. We will work in groups. All handouts and information will be provided at the time of workshop. 


Key Takeaways

Understand how to use customer-centric design principles to solve problems

Learn methods to rapidly prototype your business idea

Learn step-by-step process to innovate

Know techniques to develop deep understanding of customer


Workshop Modules (Total duration: 3 hr 30 min)

1. Introduction to Design Thinking and Lean Startup

Understand the principles of design thinking and nature of workshop


2. Empathize: Visualize Customer Challenges 

In this step, you will develop a clear perspective of the customer and using that to guide your actions. Here you will observe, interview and find what is important for your potential customer. The key here is to visualize the customer challenges/pain point as clearly as possible before building a diagnosis for it. 


3. Define: Co-create Customer Journey Map with User 

For defining the problem, you will build a customer journey map as explained during the workshop. The customer journey map will identify touchpoints where customer interacts with the service. This is a deep dive exercise where you will learn to solve problem in group framework.


4. Ideate: Brainstorm and Build pitch for the Solution 

Now you will work with your group to open the can of ideas and become innovative with your solution. Here you will move from analysis to synthesis phase where you use your previous learning to build solution. Then you create a pitch for the solution which should be good enough to pitch to a VC or an angel investor. 


5. Prototype: Story Board the Customer Experience 

This is where you get to showcase your solution using prototype. There is no business which becomes successful in first step and one needs to fail fast to grow. You can only afford to fail fast by building prototypes. Prototypes can be used to get quick customer feedback which in turn helps in improving the product. We will explain how to use story board to build customer experience.  


6. Test: Build new Customer Journey Map 

This is the time when you build customer journey map again and see how your solution has improved the customer experience. And, you can take this solution/idea to market by making your own investment or raising funds from angel investor. 


7. Debrief and Closure of the Workshop 

We will summarize the learnings from the workshop. At this time, we will also invite few teams to show their solutions and share their findings.  



Devendra Mangani 

Devendra is founder of Kapital Learning Solutions, IIT graduate and MBA from Queen’s University in Canada, Have extensive experience in consulting from non-profit organization to small startups on strategy to scale-up in new market environment, Have trained students on Design thinking at various business schools and now conducting workshop for Corporates. Design Thinking and Lean Startup are used together for the first time in our workshops.

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