Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship Camp

Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship Camp


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About The Event


You are a parent and you want your child to succeed. We know that and we understand that. We want the same thing too. For them, right now, they are being judged on grades and grades only. At this point, I need you to ask yourself thing: is it true that the most successful people in the world right now are the ones who have achieved the best grades in exams?

We are right now in a world where even our graduates are jobless. The reason – they are not equipped with the skills that are required in the 21st century. Our kids are not taught these skills and this is bad. Really bad. This is what the camp is about – bridging the gap between school life and the industrial world, equipping them with skills required in the 21st century. 



 1.     Public Speaking & Presentation – We need to be able to present our ideas and solutions to anyone in a manner which is understandable and simple. We will observe the best speakers we can think of and what are the traits that make their presentation so amazing. We break them down so that it is easier to implement the traits in our kids.

2.     High Performance Team Building – This is where we learn the true meaning of a team. Despite working in teams for most of our lives, many of us do not know how to work as a team. Our kids need to be exposed to team dynamics early so that they can utilize its wonders earlier. 

3.     Design Thinking & Problem Solving – What do we do when faced with a problem? How do we come up with a solution? How do we test the solution? What is the real problem? How do break down the problem to get to the root of the problem? These are questions we will help the kids answer while they are working on a REAL problem.

4.    Project People & Management – When in a project, we need to ensure that the deadlines are met.

We need to manage the team so that we can bring the best out of everyone while keeping everyone smiling. Now we know that this does not ever go to plan. Our kids need to be exposed to this early so that when the time comes and things do not go to plan, they know how to react. 

5.     Leadership & Marketing – What is leadership really? Is it being able to command a group of people to get  things done? Or is it  when  majority  of  a  group of  people like  you?  We have different perspectives of leadership, and that is fine. The important thing is that we make sure this perspective helps us become better.

6.     Entrepreneurship  101   –   This   sums   up   nearly   everything  in   this   camp.   We   are   teaching entrepreneurship not because we are teaching the kid to be entrepreneurs. We are doing this because it inculcates all the skills, character and attitude. The kids will be given a problem, and th ey will need to figure out a feasible solution and market them to possible clients too.

7.  Peak Performance – When we finally understand the psychology of human dynamics, we will know that we are no different from machines. We need the fuel or the charge at the right time so that we have the rght energy and the mindset to take on challenges. We peak at the right time and the results will positively sun us.    

Make every holiday count. Give your child the experience they deserve. Allow them to step outside their comfort zone for this 2 days 1 night residential camp in Score Campus. In this camp, food and accomodation will be provided. 


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