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Computer Society of India, Bangalore Chapter

Present:  Two-day workshop on
“DeMistifyng Design Pattern”
 February 28th & March 1st , 2014 (Friday and Saturday), From 9:30 am to 5:30 pm


Design Pattern Two-day Workshop


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About The Event


Computer Society of India, Bangalore Chapter

Present:  Two-day workshop on

“DeMistifyng Design Pattern”

 February 28th & March 1st , 2014 (Friday and Saturday), From 9:30 am to 5:30 pm


Design pattern  and the way you think will change the entire facet of the application development. ostatancious Work shop will consolidate Creational, Structural and Behavioral Pattern by not leaving any stones unturned.  parallel to our orcharastration will trod you towards your thought in development with fervour.

The workshop will be hands on. Participants are expected to bring their laptops.

Work Shop Schedule :


Day One :

Will Start from a case study.

An approach to port applications with a greater ease from structured to OOP language.

Creating Various Class Hirearchy

Understanding the Model, Design, Where have we have gone wrong

Do's DONT's to make an application to work right

Vagaries of customers requirements,Articulating and bulding the code via Design Pattern. Adapter, Composit, Visitor, Builder, Command

Adapter pattern   : Brings two odd objects together

Composite pattern : Helps us create connect tree structure

Visitor  pattern : Can Visit an object without inheriting or    binding to it.

Builder  pattern  : Bringing fine granules to gether with the help of a Director to cunstruct an object

Command  pattern : Interrelate the created object with other objects.

Day Two :

Iterartor   : Building your own Iterator and its double Dispatch


Single Tone : How not to recreate objects

 Factory &   :

Abstract Factory : Relating connecting ourselves to the                              unknown object

Memento     : Keeps track of the traversing state of the Object

Observer    : Implementing MVC Archicture using Observer

Prototype   : Cloning Objects at run time -  can be an intigral                    part of your design

Template    : Hiding the complexicity of coding.

Benefits to participants:

A Word from the Trainer :

We have taken an utmost care to compile this menagerie of patterns  which will be orchestrated  pervasively, to touch your soul.  Advanced c++ will be imbibed into this course as and when it is necessary

Guys I will assure you, can take a plunge into any domine as a designer.

Who Should Attend?


 IT Professionals, Project Managers, with a hunrelenting hunger towards technology

 PreRequesit c++ or Java


Workshop fee(includes course material, lunch & tea)

Faculty Profile:

Mr P.Sathya Babu  is a founder and Director of Softland Software Solutions pvt ltd. Managing over 80 people housed and various levels of consultants working on Telco, Simbian,Android, His penchant towards c++ and Design patterns has changed many lives.

He has been vehimant in Creating conducting soul full courses for various corporate such as C , C++, Java, DesignPatterns,SDk,MFC,Com, Simbyan, Android etc.

Registration Fees:

CSI Member:                            Rs.5,650/-

CSI Student member:             Rs. 1,700/-

Other member:                        Rs. 4,500/-

Other Student:                        Rs. 2,250/-

Team of 3 and above – 10% discount

Checks to be drawn in favour of CSIBC

Venue & For Registration Contact:


Unit # 201, MB Center, Infantry Road, BENGALURU – 560 001

Contact Person:  Mr. H.C. Sridhar

Phone:  080-2286 0461, 40906171    Cell:  94489 05268        Fax: 080-22862215           

E-mail: ,

Participation only through advance registration



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