Desert 500 - Ultra Cycling

Desert 500 - Ultra Cycling


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No one said cycling in the Thar would be easy. With balmy 25 degrees in the day, the temperatures would fall to a chilling 10 degrees at night, the road where wheels would kiss speed would see company of little else but ones fellow cyclists. For miles the eyes would see only the desert. It would be both calming and exciting. The sound would be of nothing else but that of cycles on the road and the wind whispering to the sand. Challenging. Chilling. Calming. Comforting.

On November 16th 2013,a full moon, cyclists from around the world, passionate about their sport and with a lust for the exotic will come together to become a part of the second chapter of Desert 500. The riders will set out to ride in India's Thar Desert, from the famous city of Bikaner to Jaisalmer and back. A total journey of five hundred kilometers to be completed in twenty four hours. For those opting for it a shorter version, the ride of 250km, 150 km and 50 Km will also take place. AND for the adrenele pumping challenge seekers who want to push boundries there are race categories in 500 and 250 km. Take your pick, don't wait to miss and regret it.

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