Book Online Tickets for Definitely, Maybe by Palak Modi presente, New Delhi.  Presented by Jitendra Padam Jain (MD, Gallery Sree Arts), the exhibition “Definitely, Maybe’\' of Palak Modi will be curated by Annkush B Sharma. It will be going to held at Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Française De Delhi

Definitely, Maybe by Palak Modi presented by Gallery Sree Arts


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About The Event

 Presented by Jitendra Padam Jain (MD, Gallery Sree Arts), the exhibition “Definitely, Maybe’' of Palak Modi will be curated by Annkush B Sharma. It will be going to held at Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Française De Delhi, Indo-French Cultural Centre, New Delhi. Starting from 27th September (6pm) it will be going to end on 29th September 2019 (11 am to 7 pm daily for rest of the days). From 1st October till 10, show will resume at Gallery Sree Arts, Gurugram.

 “You will not win the fight against uncertainty by becoming certain. You will not find your stability by trying to make the unstable, stable. Instead your certainty and stability will come as the result of decidedly embracing uncertainty.” The words said by Teal Swan never fail to amuse Palak Modi.

Trained variously in art at the JJ Sanskriti School of Visual Arts, Gurugram, Palak brings the experience of both the occidental and the oriental learning into her creative renderings.  

The way nature embraces its new seasons and leaves change their colours, to the manner in which humans reconstruct their thoughts. Look close and shall you realise that all around you and she undergoes constant transformation. It comes without a doubt that everything around us is nothing but a product of uncertainties and change. And it is this very process of change that defies the existence of perfectionism. Gaining inspiration from the perfect imperfections of nature and of humans, she has attempted to portray the untamed world around us just the way it is- pure, raw and free.

 Definitely, Maybe provides Palak with a platform to play with the unpredictabilities of life, nature, and humans. It is a journey of a seventeen year old trying to find structure even in the chaos, or sometimes just embracing the chaos itself. Keeping her faith firmly in the transience of life, she has ventured into portraying the world in different mediums – from acrylics and watercolours to foliage and cement. Her work is a blend of realism with abstractions.

 Though Palak has been painting since she was as old as 6, she always treated it just as any other hobby; It was no different from dancing and reading for her. However, one can’t really foresee what is yet to come, right? She genuinely relished spending time in the studio, recklessly working with paints, listening to music and learning right techniques by her mentor Mr. Jitendra Padam Jain. She was and still so accustomed to spending her time in the studio. Each new day was equivalent to an unhackneyed idea or a technique she had never heard of or even a medium she had never experimented with before. 

 But besides all the knowledge that Palak gained in the studio, she believe a major chunk of her learning has evolved as a result of the bond she had developed with the souls there. The conversations we all indulged in never failed to kindle her admiration for the world of art. Plus, seeing different people’s work on the same task was always intriguing. She has learnt the fact that each new painting does not have to be a masterpiece, else it takes away from her the ability to learn, experiment and grow as an artist. This has really helped her break through the shackles of perfectionism and enabled her to work more freely and creatively. 

 And, it is because of this freedom that today Palak has developed an array of eclectic paintings styles, gaining inspiration from artists such as Van Gough, Frida Kalho, Jackson Pollock and of course the breathtaking beauty of nature. While a lot of her works directly portray the world that she is a part of, some of the pieces also provide one with a peek into her mind and communicate how she feels. She has made use of bountiful colours and almost every little thing that she could incorporate in her art, like leaves, thread, foil, cement, buttons, etc. She has also tried to correlate her emotions with the colours that has been used in her artworks. Abundance of yellow colour would signify a happy day for her, whereas, the colour blue would often be reminder for her to keep calm. Thus, the change in her mood and emotions is directly reflected on her works.

However, many of Palak’s art pieces were not a product of this much calibration either. They were also a result of spontaneity and just “her being in the moment”. Palak says “not to think so much while working, especially on abstractions, else, it may disrupt the purity of my expressions.” She believes this has really been a strong influence and a dose of motivation for her to work as a true artist who connects better through her works rather than words. Such words always fills her with sheer gusto to deliver her innermost thoughts and feelings just the way they are - uninterrupted, untamed and pure. Besides working efficiently on her art, this has also helped her “open - up” as a person much better. For all she knows, working in the studio has not only improved her aesthetic abilities but has also helped her evolve into a different person altogether. Palak lives and works from her studio in Gurugram.


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