Decathlon Experience - Opening Day Running Experience

Decathlon Experience - Opening Day Running Experience


About The Event

Here we are, the launch day of Decathlon Sports Store in Shamshabad. On this occasion we have lined up a weekend of sports and fun filled activities!

Indeed, there will be a running race, a bicycling race, skating demonstration, zumba and other surprises. 

You can find the activities on the "Events" Facebook Page of Decathlon

Let's talk about the Trail Running event.

There would be 3 running events organized in collaboration with Hyderabad Runners. 

→Half Marathon: In build up to the Hyderabad Marathon on August 25th, both Decathlon and Hyderabad Runners have decided it would be an appropriate time to organize a rehearsal. More importantly, experts from Hyderabad Runners will be present to answer your questions and advice you on your preparation for the Hyderabad Marathon 

→Leisure Race (7 km): A good way to spend time with your family or your friends! 

→ Children Race (1,5km): Children are also welcome to our launch day! We take care of your children during your running!

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